Valentine's Day Proposals: Why They Are Lame!

Valentine's Day Proposals: Why they are lame.

Valentine's Day was yesterday and I saw TONS of Valentines Day proposals. Even a few the day before (Sat) and the day after (today)

Personally I think propsals around valentines day are a huge cop out.

It shows that your partner has a complete lack of orginiality. They are captilizing on the "most romantic day". They have a clear lack of their own idea. Unless you met on or around Valentines Day there's no good reason they had to choose that day to propose.

A propsal should be something special and unique to the couple. I personally would deny my guy if he prosped on that day. It's simply a complete lack of effort. On top of that million of other people are gettinf proposed to on that day.

Weddings/engagemens are therotically supossed to be a special thing. Exclusive to you.

I was trying to find some STATS on this but I only found stats for 2013 but what I read it said it was estimated that 14 million people would be engaged on that day.

this is a super short mytake but.

Valentines day proposals. kinda lame...


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  • i dont' really see a need to pass judgment on people's proposals. good for them that they are getting married. i hope their marriages are long and happy


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  • some are so cute


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  • "Wrong"


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  • i... agree. totally lame to me.