Husband never takes my side, what can I do to convince him to put his wife and marriage first?

So we have been married for 5 years now and my husband never seems to take my side. If there is a dispute between me and someone else he will pick their side, even if I am in the right. He also tends to think I am uneducated or dumb because if I give him advice or a piece of information, he does not believe me. If someone in his family, such as his sister or mother say the exact same thing to him, he believes them even if I, his wife, had told him before.
Same goes for activities, if I suggest something, he says no out right and when I ask him why, he says its because he thinks its lame or boring. Yet a friend has to suggest it and then we do it and he "can't wait".

I have told him what he does hurts me. I have told him over and over and his reaction is always the same.. he ignores me and gives me the silent treatment. He has gone 2 weeks without talking to me before ( he knows this hurts me too)

Please help a hurt and unloved wife.


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  • He has a big ego.

    Try not to seek for his approvement. But when he seeks for your approvement, remember him of his actions against you. And than say from now on we are a 'team' who are both equal in every way.

    You both are a team, partners, friends and lovers. Strive for equal treatment.

    But if things don't work out, you can tell him that you are breaking up because of his ego.


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  • This is unbelievable, I can't even believe you guys are married and this is the way he communicates with you. You're spouse should be held above all, especially you're wife. I am sure you are a wonderful and smart woman undeserving of such treatment.

    Has he always been like this? is he overly prideful or arrogant? I don't understand why he would treat you like that unless he has some self esteem issues himself.

    I always encourage those around me because I believe you should elevate those you love, and if someone brings you down constantly then they are toxic to you, whether it is a friend or a lover. He seems very selfish for not taking your thoughts and opinions seriously. This type of behavior is what pushes people to have affairs...

    • My husband is EXACTLY the same!!! After 24 years of marriage I think
      k of getting a divorce. He is my worst enemy!

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  • Don't ever try to become more important than his mother. You and her are in the same level.

    • not me... I am less than her. HE ALWAYS TAKES HER SIDE. I can understand if I am in the wrong but even when I am in the right and she has lied he still takes her side

  • Why do you stay?

    • love. thats it

    • Is it worth it? Don't answer me but ask yourself this question.

      There are better people out there who you could also love.

  • Leave, he isn't loyal to you.


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