Forgetting your girlfriend's birthday?

Guys, would you ever forget your girlfriend's birthday? You know, the girl you say you love with all your heart and have been going steady with for a year? The girl you say you can't live without? The girl you say you wanna marry and make your kids with? You know, that girl, would you forget her birthday? Even if you were busy, overwhelmed with work and school, would you really forget you special one's special day?

My boyfriend did and honestly, it hurt me. I haven't mentioned it to him yet and we've barely spoken for almost a week. I can't believe he forgot and I don't know how to handle it.

So guys if you have, please give a little back story (did you really care about her, what were the circumstances that led to you forgetting, how'd she react, etc.) and what you think of it. Your points of view, especially, would be helpful.

And girls, has your boyfriend ever forgot your birthday? If so, what happened? How do you think I should go about this?
Forgetting your girlfriend's birthday?
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