Transgender Is The New Black

Transgender Is The New Black

Yesterday Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner broke the Internet when she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair as a woman. She quickly became a hero in the eyes of the LGBT community and their supporters. But Caitlyn isn't the only fabulous transwoman making a statement in Hollywood.

Andreja Pejic


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Janet Mock

Host of #SoPOPular on MSNBC and author of “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.

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Conchita Wurst

Austrian Pop Recording Artist

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Candis Cayne


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Carmen Carrera

Former contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race and model

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Laverne Cox

Actress on Netflix's Orange Is the New Black

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Lea T


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Isis King

Fashion designer and model

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Jenna Talackova

Model and TV personality

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Aren't they gorgeous?!

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  • I have no idea why this mental disorder is hyped as something normal. Let's face it, there is a reason why transgender people still have huge suicide rates even after transitioning - and that's certainly not (solely) because discrimination.

    These people suffer from an identity disorder and being someone else - at least physically - seems for them to be the easy way out. The grass is greener on the other side.

    And in all honesty - for almost all you can still see the men and it's offputting to a lot of people. Just that barely anyone dares to speak it out, because political correctness is the modern way of censorship.

    • yes too much political correctness

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    • @ Eiffelgirl21

      You are welcome.

Most Helpful Girl

  • There is so much more to being a woman than acting out female gender stereotypes. Playing dress up doesn't turn you into a woman, any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car. For someone to think they "identify" with a woman, would mean they would have to know what it's really like to in fact, be a woman. Since they were born with male chromosomes and a male brain, it's scientifically impossible to know what it's like to be a woman; therefore, you can't possibly think you were meant to be one. They are basing their identity on gender stereotypes; assuming that inanimate objects such as makeup, nail polish, long hair and dresses somehow possess female chromosomes and thus turn you into a woman. I'm not saying these people should be shunned or made fun of or made to feel less than human; but we certainly shouldn't be praising them for being "brave". All they are doing by praising transgenders, are supporting gender dysphoria which is a mental health issue similar to body dysphoria that effects those with eating disorders. This isn't some random judgmental opinion, it's backed up by leading psychologists and psychiatrists. These people need our support and help to identity the root of their issue... because no matter how they change their physical appearance, they will always be the same person on the inside. Here is an article written by a well-known professor of psychiatry at John Hopkins.

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    • Agreed TSWIFT. There was a great article in the NY Times talking about the clash between feminists and transgender activists... and asked the simple question "What Makes a Woman?" Apparently, for a lot of transgendered and those praising them, it simply means living out female gender stereotypes. Yes, we are born with male and female DNA... but life experiences are what shapes "who we are". We are who we are born as.. regardless of outward appearance. Bruce can't say he was meant to be a woman simply because he prefers nail polish or long hair or dresses. Just because you are more emotional or sensitive doesn't make you a woman. There is no reason men can't be emotional or sensitive.

    • YES YES AND YES... Ur opinion is the best !!! Respectful AND u know what u r talking about and what should be done... Thank you !!

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What Guys Said 117

  • I don't think we should celebrate what is in reality a deep mental disturbance. The fact that these individuals believe themselves to be another gender does not make that so. The cells in Bruce Jenner's body will remain fully loaded with Y chromosomes. I feel for his children and his wife. The surgical mutilation Jenner and others like him have had done, or plan to have done, is grotesque, and should be considered unethical in the medical profession. Bruce Jenner needs help and compassion, not celebration of his disorder.

    • *Caitlyn, *her, *herself, *her, *Caitlyn, *her.

      Fixed it for ya! You're kind of an asshole, but you may not understand what "transgender" is. I suggest you research it!

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    • @OlderAndWiser also, I love your username. It reminds me of the Sound of Music. Great show.

    • Here is a link to an article on this issue written by the former chief psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Hospital:

  • A friend of mine who is a former lesbian and is black finds this whole "transgender" thing to be the pinnacle of insanity. Most of these fake transformations will cease to bring happiness to these lost souls the minute the novelty of their newfound vanity wears off.

    Choice is not, cannot, and never will be, the highest moral absolute of the universe. By definition, a choice has a consequence, whether large or small. And consequences, by their very definition, have to have a value. And such values, by necessity, imply that duty matters more. Kant 101.

    According to this friend of mine, she should be able to bleach her skin and call herself a white woman, and have that be the same thing as being born white. The same fruits advocating transsexualism were calling her crazy for her satirical piece on her "choice," saying that choice does not change reality. But turned around and said it does when defending transsexualism, and were blind to their own inconsistency.

    How can programmable preferences be something you're doomed to, but chromosomal assignment be irrelevant and gender be re-programmable? How is it possible for both aberrations to both be true? Do they not contradict the logic of one another?

    • stop being gross lol no one cares about what your horrifically transphobic friend thinks

    • I see. You cannot argue the fact that the rationalization for this self-mutilating insanity is overflowing with inconsistency and its advocates filled with hypocrisy; so you're gonna make it all about her being "gross" for bringing up skin bleaching to me. Nice ad hominem. Are you bleach-phobic?

  • Roses are red
    Transgender are black
    Since when gender is a fad?
    Gimme feedback.

  • Topic should be named :

    ''Several pictures of some transgender people for no reason what so ever''

    • Exactly :P

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    • The phrase actually originates in the fashion world. The colour Black is always considered chic and popular in the fashion world, so "____ is the new black" means that it is now being considered the new 'in' thing.

    • Being trans isn't a "new" hip thing, being trans is something that's been looked down on for decades and now that Bruce fucking Jenner has done it people are making a big fuckin deal out of it.

  • This is sickening, putting someone who is messed up in the head on a stage is just wrong. These people need help not popularity.

  • These MEN need mental help. It is a CHOSEN lifestyle. They are not a race, they chose their lifestyle. Why should they get special rights, when we have people of other racial minorities that are being stifled. While yet these few people celebrate their sexuality, we have people in poverty, we have people being shot unjustly, we have murders that go on unsolved, we have sex workers who are treated like second class citizens and people think it is totally ok to rape, beat, mutilate, and more, and yet somehow we give attention to these MEN and this small group of people, but yet we do nothing to help others who truly need it.

    • I'm one of many people who advocate for both transgender people and the rights of minorities and the impoverished. It's definitely possible to do both.

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    • @Northeast106 I totally agree with your statements, they are CHOOSING to be a FAKE woman. Plus the risks are great and there is truly no way to completely to become a women, bc u still NEED all of the woman parts. Which doctors will never be able to replicate the whole entire reproductive system.

      Plus I know from recent articles that if a man find out that they are a MAN, they have a high RISK of being beaten to a pulp. Which I really can't blame a guy for doing this, bc we feel like we are being duped. I however don't condone this type of behavior, but I know for a fact IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

    • i agree with you

  • Sorry but I can't help but gag after looking at all that, it's just wrong plain and simple and all the surgery in the world is not going to change that fact that they are men.

    You can put a 57 Chevy bumper on a 57 Ford Buick but at the end of the day it's still a 57 Ford Buick.

    • stop being an asshole. do some research.

    • @therealspencer Nothing is going to change my mind on the matter and if you have done any research yourself you would know that being a male or female goes down to the genetic level of the chromosomes which can not be altered, not without playing god anyway and getting into some really messed up stuff.

      Sure you can change the way you look but at the end of the day your still what you were born as a man or a women and it is unnatural and agaisnt nature to change that.

      Now shoo kid, I don't have time or the patience for your ignorance, practice what you preach and do the research yourself before calling someone an asshole and telling them to do the research.
      ( and by the way I studied genetics and DNA altering in high school so this is nothing new to me )

    • Agreed.

  • I'm tired of this LGBT stuff. If someone thinks they're a guy or a girl when they're not, fine, but no one else cares.

    I don't care what your sexuality or other identity is. No one cares. Just shut up about it, already.

    • You may not care, but tons of people out there still hold incredibly bigoted opinions against LGBTQ people, which cause society to often be an awful and hateful place for many LGBTQ individuals. Visibility (such as this) can help fix that, can help change people's mindsets. So you may not care, but at least recognize that having media attention such as this certainly is important, especially when people out there are literally being killed due to bigotry.

    • Just take a look at all the comments on this take. People care. They care A LOT.

  • I don't know why we should be accepting of this. This isn't a video game! there is no character creation, you are given what you are given. women are supposed to be offended by this shit. a guy cuts off his balls, gets a boob job, puts on a bathing suit and calls him self a courageous woman? no. Rosa parks was a courageous woman, not this disgrace to humanity.

    • well Ill just to agree to disagree at this point, I was only trying to share why I believe what I believe. I think its important for people to understand and respect each other even if they don't agree. It doesn't seem many are inclined to do that, so I don't have anything else to add.

    • I agree with u @HappyToBeAlive I really find this... Awful.. What people r doing to themselves is just so wired and I don't like it at all... Of course I won't go out bullying and insulting people who do it but I definitely won't support that crap of trans to another gender... Be happy with what u have... A girl with a d**k and I guy with breasts... That's so not cool or right...

  • After reading all this, if becoming different genders is now becoming more common and acceptable, then I seriously fear the future of this world...

  • Oh for fuck's sake.

  • Really? A million other more important issues in the world and we are concerned with this? Wow wake up people.

    • Curious. Why do u find social issues not important?

      Society accepting and better understanding gender identity, thus less discrimination is society moving forward in my opinion.

    • Society is wrong about a lot of things not just transgendered people. If this is so much of an issue then the doctors that helped Bruce Jenner reach his goal, wouldn't have even worked on him. Point being not many people actually care because it doesn't matter to them either way. Who exactly is discriminating this issue? If you say society as a whole? Yeah people have opinions that's part of free speech and everyone has an opinion.

  • I think almost everyone on here is completely retarded after reading these opinions.

    Surgery does NOT change who you are. You always be the biological gender you were born as. PERIOD.

    • *you will

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    • @lovelywiz I agree, it's stupid.

    • I think people with gender issues need to seek therapy. i think its a real issue

  • the comments on this are more interesting than the actual take 😈

  • Wow in my 5.5+ years being on GaG, I've never seen this much hate, intolerance and bigotry. So sad people are so SCARED of something they don't understand, to the point of rejecting it with hate.

    in my opinion being non-hetero is a genetic mutation (which is natural; oops there goes the 'LGBTQ is unnatural' argument).

    Similar to a person being born with mental handicaps, physical deformities, or animals born albino. Genetic mutations happen naturally, in all organisms.

    Pretty much a transsexual person's emotional and psychological makeup (aka their. gender identity ), is a mis-match with said person's anatomical makeup.

    This has nothing to do with sex or being "kinky". It is solely about said person identifies themselves.


    Now what I feel makes people most uncomfortable about trans-sexuality, is the fact that one's internal genetic identity can't be "proven". Aka, someone can "pretend to be transsexual" and there is no definitive way to "prove" the genuine-ness of one being transsexual. Other people just "have to believe their word" about being born in the wrong body.

    In the case of Caitlyn Jenner, because of her (formerly a his) affiliation with the Kardashian machine, many people don't believe her as being genuinely transsexual, and see this as a publicity stunt.

  • I'm just glad we are at an era where it's possible for people to be what they were designed to be in heart and mind :)

    Look at these girls, it would be cruel to let them be stuck in a male body which luckily the current era and laws support the change.

    Whichever way the ratio of males v/s females in humans is skewed globally with 101 males to 100 females, this is good :)

    Oh yes they are gorgeous :) While those that call it gross are just those who are dwelling with fixations (that again is natural)

    @confusedgrocer - check this out young lady. See by what I mean when I answered your question? I'm in the minority out here too lol errr I think the only one who thinks this way ha ha

    • I've already seen this, but the horrible internet connection in Silivri didn't let me see the pics. I see them now.

      Just wondering, you're 44. Why are you still there? (or are you?)

    • I loved Laverne Cox on OITNB. I had a feeling she was trans but I wasn't sure

    • @ConfusedGrocer you mean why am I still in India? If yes then cause there was a time when I could migrate but chose not to (2) As on date since over 2 decades I am in a position where I can't be screwed around with ;) (3) I am well traveled all across so it's ok :D

  • Abomination i say
    its disturbing to think people get so sick in the head they go against nature, mutilate their bodies and transform into something they are not

    No one should be supporting this, its sick

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    • @RegularTK421 I have nothing against steroids at all, dude.

      I don't necessarily endorse the idea of trangender-ism. My main reason on this stance, is not enforcing my morality onto others.

    • @Prof_Don Now, does that extend to harder drug use, such as methamphetamine or heroin? How about polygamy? I guess what I'm getting at, is when do you think it is permissible for the state or society as a whole, to restrict personal choices? What if those personal choices were destructive, and costly to taxpayers? What if they needlessly increase the demand for medical services and hormonal therapy when they don't even have a physical medical condition that warrants its use?

  • Why stop there, next making love to little boys will be socially acceptable. Why not? These fine old men can't help themselves, they are drawn to little boys. It wasn't their choice.

    The line needs to be drawn somewhere.

    • You clearly haven't seen the "ManBoyLove" website... haha.

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    • All it's going to take is a little popularity and more people will accept the idea no matter how wrong it may be and it will all snowball downhill from there.

  • @gagTake
    Honestly, they look ugly. Ugly and fake.
    Nobody should want a fake 'woman'. Do you want a replica, or a real one? This question shouldn't be hard i guess..

    I'm not saying it's forbidden to undergo such a thing, to become an artificially altered 'human', but people, please, don't glorify it. Don't make it seem great that those people want go change, because it simply is not.
    Natural women for the win!

    • What the male species as a whole will never understand is that it isn't about who/what you want to stick your dick in. These women underwent these procedures to find peace with themselves and to lead the lives they want to lead, not to attract you.

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    • I like that u talk about humans in the third person like, neither of us are humans. You understand comrade Dipsy

    • We have reached a sad place when the phrase "Natural women for the win!" creates feelings of outrage. Next time some guy talks about robot wives or some other nonsense, I guess we have to accept their metal bride as a real woman as well. I can understand teaching tolerance, but that doesn't mean we have to accept them as being something they aren't.

  • I thought orange was the new black

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What Girls Said 76

  • Conchita Wurst is NOT trans lol he just wears dresses he's even said in interviews that he's not transgender. And being transgender is not the "hip new thing" it's pretty sick of you to say that. NO ONE would choose to go through something so frowned on by society and be mistreated and more likely to be a victim of assault or murder just because it's finally being represented in media. There have been transgender people ever since there have been people! This is just the first time in history that our media is admitting they even exist. The first gender reassignment was done in the 1930's!! That procedure also lead to more discoveries in how to fix people's faces after they'd been nearly blown off in war. This is nothing new even if it may be new to you.

  • Leave them to it?

    I mean, there are some surgeons out there who can make a man look more womanly than a real woman and visa versa. But, there are bad ones out there too. The bad trannies will always stick in your mind more. It's sadly a leftover from badly performed surgerys that linked "trannies" to "bad surgery".

    At the end of the day they should do what makes them happy. I personally would be in a relationship with one but that's because for me I want a child made from love making and natural ways. I'm not against "unnatural" but that's my "wish". My boyfriend is one of the first IVF, I'm proud of him, but I come from an enormously fertile family and it's important to me.

    Back to your point and take, it's not a new thing, the new thing is better surgery.

    My only wish is they make clear when I call them him or her. I work in retail and obviously they take hormones, they change their clothes. My dad's rule is anything in a skirt you fall madam but is that fair on girls changing to boys? How do you "know" when they have changed or not just got a pixie haircut?

    More support is needed for both transgender and how to deal with transgender. I don't have an issue, I just wish I knew what is and isn't okay and when it is and isn't okay to say things.

    • *personally wouldn't be in a relationship sorry typo

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    • @LauraMarx

    • @LauraMarx Over react much?

  • Transgender is not the new black because it isn't a race. Such an ignorant comment, especially when those people weren't ever treated as second class citizens are separated by "separate but equal" statutes.

    Some of them are pretty to me, yes. But to automatically say you're a WOMAN is inaccurate to me. You're a TRANSwoman... there's a difference. The latter still acknowledges that you made the transformation, but it will also let people know that you are a transgender. I don't think it's right for a lot of transpeople to tell others that they're "wo/men" which will make people think "genetic" when they're getting into relationships. I won't ever forget how one transwoman told her husband that she was sterile when he wanted to have a baby and basically lied to him because she felt her marriage would be over.

    ... Well yes. It would more than likely be over. Because that's a HUGE lie to tell someone. It's almost as bad as not telling someone that you've been sexually active with that you have HIV. It's deceiving.

    Anyway, good for those transwomen.

    • It's an expression, it's not a racial remark at all. Lookup "is the new black definition" and you'll understand. That's you being ignorant, sorry.

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    • @cipher42 The "woman" terminology is already insinuated within the term "transwoman". What's the point of having the latter word? It still acknowledges what they believe their gender to be but it also tells others that they're not genetic women.

      When people say "wo/men", they're not thinking about transgenderism. They're assuming that the person was naturally born that way. That is why.

      No, it's not their responsibility nor do they have to, but if they don't, they shouldn't get offended when people don't want to associate with them for whatever reason. Also, no. It's not harmful unless they try and get into a relationship with someone else. And of course it would be dangerous then---many guys are lied to and ANGRY about it. And they still consider the transwoman--who biologically is still a MALE--to be a man. What I'm suggesting is honesty, not lies. It's sensible. Maybe you're not.

    • @Pinky_Nik: Go back a few years to when homosexuality was still demonized in the West. People associate their struggle with what blacks have went through and I've heard people doing it to transgenderism. I understand the association, but it's inaccurate when it's used that way. I assumed this topic simply reiterating it.

      @Remonster: Go blow. You're clearly retarded. Black never goes out of style but "everything that becomes the new black does" So that phrase is as stupid as you are. You're also demented or living under a rock if you've never the racial expression being used to compare another situation. I also wouldn't have to be rude if dumbasses didn't come onto my comment and try to tell me things that I have from first hand experience seen and heard being said.

      Again, go be retarded somewhere else.

  • It's not the 'new' anything. You're treating this like it's some kind of fad. These are real people with real identities that they have to live with, including the ignorance and prejudice they have to face.

    • Missing the point because the high profile magazine cover model certainly is new. And don't take the term 'new' so literally. It's a reference to a popular TV series.

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    • Please lookup the meaning of "the new black" first before you get hung up on a single word. It's not insensitive at all. It's acknowledging the movement.

    • @Remonster I know what that term means, I know it's a Netflix series and I still find it insensitive. Sorry.

  • I don't know if I find them gorgeous because there's heavy make up and a lot of surgery there.
    I like "natural" beauty.
    But I admire them for being who they are.


  • That's not gorgeous, a lot of plastic surgery going on. And Bruce Jenner? Seriously? 65 years later? It's kinda stupid of him, to be honest, because there are a lot of people who are actually struggling with their sexual identity at very, very young ages.

    • Beep beep! Sorry, I think you meant "Caitlyn" and "her" :-D

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    • Or want to be a guy or girl!

    • @pbracing33b i like guys. girls, and trans people so. i guess i break all your dumb rules for being "sane." lmao.

  • Fellas, you better start triple checking your girls because they're looking a little too believable these days.

  • Honestly, I don't find them gorgeous because they're putting on a load of make up and gone through a lot of surgeries. And I'd rather call them gorgeous being who they really are, being a man. I know a lot of down votes are on the way, It's just my opinion. Being transsexual is mostly a disorder I think it should be treated.

  • An insult to women everywhere. Womanhood cannot be purchased nor fabricated with makeup and clothes. A lady is more than her underwear or the mascara she buys. It's her brain and biology that gives her the birth rite to be uniquely loving and nurturing.

    • But there are changes that happen early in fetal development that affect the brains of people. If these changes don't go as planned, the fetal brain is forever changed, so it literally is the brain and biology that make these situations more than black and white and make what these people are going through more than makeup and clothes. It's biologically how they are wired.

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    • @MakedSanity Honey, I don't use God as a cover up, I use that to explain the truth behind why transgenderisim is sinful to Yahweh. My God. I am a grown women, and it makes me sick to think that womanhood can bought and counter fitted for a price. My God loves them and I pray for them. Now... stop.. calling.. me.. NAMES!

    • I agree with @thegingersnap16! This is a complete insult!!! A woman is not a man's sex toy!!! This goes out to all you men out there who have no respect for women!!! Ladies, you are very special!!! Don't let those men use you. @MaskedSanity, leave @thegingersnap16 alone!!! Stop insulting her comments. All you are doing is insulting her, me, and our God and our King!!!

  • Transgender is not the new black nor is gay that is the most ignorant statement like come on really. I'm not even going to go into why but this site makes me sick sometimes the ignorance is too much.

    • The Pervertsexual Mafia's propaganda is everywhere and does not sleep. We must be vigilant, for they never tire. They are possessed of a force from the beyond that won't let them take a break.

  • The commenters on this take are making me sick. So much ignorance, discrimination and hate.
    The headline of this myTake isn't great either. Geez.

    • I also see many who say that it is their choice to change and have no problems with that

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    • I don't care if you want to exaggerate or put your time on defending transgenders there are so many people who don't want to do it and also find their appearance unpleasant. So they express their dislike for these people's appearance and choice in carelessness and they are free to do so. Just like you are free to call them beautiful and women as much as you wish.

    • @siriuss-black not all trans* people are so fortunate to become actors/actresses or models. A lot of trans* people are not allowed a job because they're trans*. Just because a few manage to make something out of themselves, it doesn't mean all trans* people manage to do that. That's not equal opportunity, that's luck and a lot of hard work.
      Trans* people are about more than just appearance though. It's their identity. It's who they are. I think you're confusing drag queens with trans* people.
      I don't think "African people" when I hear starvation, I'm aware of the fact that starvation happens all around the world. Quit making assumptions about me, I'm not an idiot.
      Freedom of speech is NOT more important than human rights.

  • It is funny. Because some transgenders periodically feel like women and periodically feel like men.
    Maybe some of them should go to classes and try to find peace with one side instead of spending too much money to change their appearance.

    other than that I do not care. and I don't want to be shamed if my common sense said to me "this isn't a woman" when I saw a transgender.

    you say "Transgender Is The New Black" and then say "Aren't they gorgeous?" in a hypocritical way like if I now don't say they are gorgeous and accept them as real women I am going to be considered prejudiced.

    no you can't force to anyone what they like and don't like. You will respect what I like and then I will respect what you are and want to be as a human.

    for me these are gorgeous.

  • The title is kinda stupid. Like I know what you were going for, but it just didn't work

    • The people automatically assuming it is a reference to black as in skin color are very ignorant.

    • @Remonster Or just plain stupid. I thought __ is the new black was a saying that everyone knew

    • I actually didn't but my first reaction was to look it up. Still not the most clever title, but sure, transgenderism is on the rise for sure.

  • It's like being transgender means you're automatically in the running in a goddam beauty pageant.

    I think all of em still look manly as hell

  • delete this

    • or, let me reword:

      In the five years I have used this website I have met two trans womyn other than myself. Two. Neither of them still use this website. Maybe you could try and think about why we're not welcome here before you start writing articles about how fuckable we are when we're in magazines, you understand?

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    • @zorro8888 I know, I was just trying to tease her, cause calling themselves womyn is just stupid.

    • @AleDeEurope

      I think it's stupid too but I doubt we'll change her mind lol

  • He looks horrible. This is a disgrace. Sorry, but it's my personal opinion.

  • Early in fetal development changes occur that once started can not be stopped. And these changes in the brain affect people for the rest of their lives.

    The easiest example of this is:This is why pregnant women shouldn't touch testosterone creams, because it can destroy her daughters GnRH surge center, forever making her brain slightly more male. Her slightly more male brain will now shape her to be slightly more male.

    Things happen to people in the womb that can't be reversed and it's not their fault, it's not disgusting, it's just who they are and how they were born.

    By the way, Ines is so gorgeous. And Carmen's figure is out of this world. These women are all beautiful and BRAVE for being who they are in such a harsh world.

    Even in cattle, if a boy twin is present with a girl twin she will be more male; her vulva will be ill shaped for mating and most often she is not fertile, she is often shaped differently than the other heifers.

  • It's still horribly depressing that men can look way more sexy and feminine than I can. If it's a "trend" it's definitely not one I'm going to be getting behind.

  • I can understand those who have felt like they were born "in the wrong body" since childhood. I fully accept it and encourage them to follow their hearts.

    I'm not completely sure why I don't sympathize for "Caitlyn." Bruce lived the majority of his life as a man and even went as far as to have a family. You mean to tell me that during all of that time, he was just 'pretending' to be straight, or whatever you call it...

    I'm not buying it. I still see Bruce as Bruce.

    • Gender has nothing to do with sexual/love preferences. Remember, Bruce can still have a female gender and still like women. I don't think Bruce was pretending to be straight, if anything Bruce might have pretended to be a man. Which is different...

    • How can kids have those type of feelings? They dont understand such concepts at that ag3

    • By that reasoning all gay men who identify as male are faking it. sexuality and gender identity are diffrent and by his own admission he has always felt like a women but has always been attracted to women not men. Also my grandfather was gay and had several children with my grandmother before coming out. Fear of judgment can and does cause people to act in certain ways and hide who they truly are.

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