There is no such thing as the Dad bod!


When I first heard this term I couldn't believe it! "Dad bod?"

When will people start taking responsibility for neglecting their own bodies instead of coming up with a term that is "supposed to be widely accepted" or seen as the new trend in modern times?

The "Dad bod" cannot be compared to the "Mom bod". It's well known that women go through tremendeous physical changes during pregnancy.

After a woman delivers her baby she is very fortunate if she maintains the same physique as before. Some women get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies with little or no changes. But there many others who are left with tons of stretchmarks, deflated boobs, and loose/wrinkled skin.

Getting back to this woman's original weight is not the problem. The signs of pregnancy has marked its territory forever.

There is no such thing as the Dad bod!

There is no such thing as the Dad bod!

The people with the Dad bod are pretty much men who let the pounds pack on over the years.

Moms who dropped the weight and are left with permanent changes, had no choice in the body they have but the men do!

There is no such thing as the Dad bod!

There is no such thing as the Dad bod!

No matter how you acquired that bod of yours acknowledge the truth in how you got it.

If you are contented with your appearance, then continue loving every inch of your flesh!

Whose to say it isn't worthy or beautiful ?

Let the hate begin.

The truth has spoken.

There is no such thing as the Dad bod!
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  • SirenDep
    I think that a woman can control how her body looks post pregnancy as well. Putting hydrating cream all over your body prevents stretch marks and working out while pregnant, helps avoid loose skin.. dad bod, it's just an expression. It's a fact that men usually put on weight after 30 years old. Before they become 30, they can eat more than they need to, and they won't put on weight. But after 30, they suddently realise they have to be more careful what they eat, and that they have to work out to keep their body looking good
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    • Stacyzee

      You can't control the appearance of stretch marks , those creams are all a gimmick.
      There's a reason why there is laser treatment.
      I agree with everything else you said though.

    • Stacyzee

      Also , the thing is pretty much anyone can attain the Dad bod even if they aren't a dad. That's why I feel like the bod has nothing to do with that aspect.
      But yeah , it's just an expression that a 19 year old college girl made to empower men I believe.
      It's a term that got a wide recognition

    • SirenDep

      Once stretch marks turn white, there's nothing you can do about them, apart from laser treatment. If they 've just appeared and they are still purple, there exist good creams to treat them. The best thing is to put hydrating cream before you get them, hydrated skin is more stretchy and less prone to get stretch marks.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Dandeus
    Guys didn't come up with the term dad bod, chicks did. Some girls like huskier guys... they're "like teddy bears" and other such things. If they want to call it dad bod, who cares?
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    • Stacyzee

      I cafe actually cause it's not a dad bod, it's from being out of shape. It has nothing to do with being a Dad unlike Mom bod.

      But hey , I love all body types here.
      No hate.

    • Stacyzee

      *I care

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  • Riggers
    ''had no choice in the body they have but the men do!''

    Ugh... -_-...

    Yes, The dad bod cannot be compared to the mombod, Though, Both are unnatractive in their own right. So that links the two.

    ''Dad-Bod'' is not to suggest the body is a direct effect of enduring pregnancy, Dad-Bod is named what it is, Because typicall when a family has a baby, The man usually has to work longer hours etc to pay for the child more, And this results in him having less time (To workout and such), Which can cause depression and weight gain due to reliance on food for happiness (Due to dopamine releases from food ingestion).

    So no... a lot of men cannot ''Control their dad bods'' so easily as you seem to put it. Sure, Some can, Hell, I would consider myself (Even though im 16), To have a ''Dad-Bod'', Though, The pictures you have provided are not ''Dad-bods'', Those are just 30-40 year olds with beer bellies,

    The most famous example is Leo, The body type behind the ''Dadbod'' is visible muscles but a bit of fat, Basically to represent a man who was once buff but put on some weight (I. e as if a kid was born and made him go to the gym less, hence the name).

    You can still see his muscle groupings and stuff, Just there is a layer of fat on top.

    Like i said, Personally i would say i have a ''Dad bod'', Im kinda muscular on my arms and shoulders and legs, I just have a little belly like in the Leo picture. (though, as many on here know i use to be pretty obese).

    I know you like to make it sound like dad bods are easy to loose, But, Im at the point where if i loose any more weight, I will get loose skin as a result of loosing TOO much weight, And, From a poll i conducted a while back, Loose skin is far worse then a dad bod -

    So, Even though i hate my 'dadbod', And would like an ideal body, I guess im just fucking stuck with it and just gotta deal with it.

    Its nice and encouraging to know people hate it so much though, So thank you, I appreciate the honesty.
    • Riggers

      Typo, I put i was 16 instead of 17** D:

    • Stacyzee

      I understand why the words "Dad bod" is used in relation to being a Dad. However, it's not a accurate or suitable term because (like you) guys can have that type of body way before ever becoming a Dad. So you my sir, have proved the point I am trying to make.

      "It's nice and encouraging to know people hate it so much, So thank you,"
      I never stated my personal preference. So if you want to automatically draw a conclusion that I feel a certain way towards a body type then you can.
      All I am doing here, is differentiating the difference between a "Dad bod" and a "Mom bod" . I am pretty much stating why the Mom bod deserves it's title and why the Dad bod does not. A person can get this body at any stage in life. He can also lose the weight and look normal again.
      A woman with tons of stretch marks and loose skin due to pregnancy will have to go through plastic surgery to look the way she did before.

      Nobody ever said it was easy for a man to lose the weight. However, if we were to write

    • Stacyzee

      a list right now there'd be a million different reasons why someone doesn't do the things they are supposed to for their health. It would be an endless book, and in every day life seems to be a endless cycle. It's easy for people to list reasons of why they can't.
      No one is saying become an athlete. But a person can take as little as 20 minutes of their time to do exercises and adjust their diet if they really wanted weight loss.
      Someone that makes excuses off hand already has a lack of commitment and is showing that they don't really want to be any different.

      Also, as I have stated to other users there is a wide range of Dad bods.
      The ones you showed look pretty much like the every day males.

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  • lv4lv
    1) I'm pretty sure no guy coined the term "dad bod".
    2) Yes, it's unhealthy, but some people are attracted to it and they need a reasonable way to say a body-type.
    3) "Dad bod"s are about 30-50 pounds less than what pictures you have shown. It's more like this:
  • GreatnessPersonified
    I can't understand why people make a big deal of Dadbods on men who are old enough to be dads. If you're 40 and over, your body isn't as youthful as a 18-20 year old.
    It takes A LOT of work to keep it looking good at that age, like the Rock or Nathan Jones (who's almost 50)
    At that age, body is less important than being able to take care of a woman and her children (that are hopefully your children)
    • HereWeGo12

      are you nationalist!

    • Stacyzee

      Personally, I don't care about Dad bods in general. What bothers me, is the term itself.
      A guy can have a "Dad bod" and not even be a Father. He can attain that body type in early life.
      My whole reason for comparing it to the Mom bod is because, a Mom bod actually has to do with the fact that she is a Mom.
      The term "Dad bod" is useless and has nothing to do with being a Dad.

    • Well, I was talking about men who are OLD enough to be dads, like late 30s-40s and up. Yes, I know that any guys can become a dad after puberty, but I'm not counting that.
      I'm 31, and I'm finding it hard to have reasons to stay in shape other than I want to.
      I have a cushy job, take care of my family with smarts and wit, and not with physicality (like a hunter would), and even though I'm a martial artist, I'm not looking to fight, all the time.
      So, I find it hard to care.

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  • Scrambledagain
    I met this 45 yr old friends with benefits and she is also a little consciountious about her body due to her pregnancy. She is pretty hot for her age but yeah you can see a scar or two, which doesn't bug me as its only natural for this to occur. she is, hands down, the naughtiest person I have met, she's awesome, stretch marks and all.
  • AdamThomas
    Yeah, the idea of a Dad bod never made sense to me. It's just an excuse to be lazy, just the same as fat acceptance and all that. All anybody ever does nowadays is make excuses and complain about how hard their life is and how unfair it is to be held to any standard at all. We're becoming a generation of pathetic weaklings.
  • Prettygurl12
    And that, ladies and gents, is the physical representation of about 55% of the reason why I do not want children.
    • Stacyzee

      Children are a blessing. But not every one is willing to take the chance to see if they will be a) the mom whose body looks almost exactly like it did pre pregnancy or b) the mom whose body is ruined

    • I don't much care for children. Maternal instinct is not the cloth I was cut from. I have to catch myself before I apologize when people tell me they're expecting and I have to correct myself more times than I can count for referring to a child as "it." If I had a kid I would tell my husband he will be then paying for me to get plastic surgery to correct my body. I want as few reminders of the child's existence as possible.

      It's best that I just not have any to begin with because I wouldn't like it and would find it a chore to care for and not at all rewarding. I only see the negatives they have. And the "positives" don't outweigh the negatives to me. I don't want any of the things that come with being a parent. Never mind the whole body destruction thing. I don't want to send a son to prom or be the mother of the bride. I don't want to sit on PTA meetings or throw a child's birthday. I don't want to be a grandparent. So I'm cut out to not have kids lol

    • Stacyzee

      You most certainly are ! You see the moms that end up having their bodies ruined wouldn't trade their kids in for the world even if it meant having a pre pregnancy figure again.
      Your outlook screams , no kids !
      That's okay.
      We are not all wired to be the nurturing type.

  • BigJake
    What a bunch of pathetic whining.

    A woman coined the term "dad bod," a college student at that, so you need to direct your angst at your own gender.
    • Stacyzee

      Anytime someone expresses their opinion on this site , a piece of shit like you comes out of nowhere and calls it whining.
      Too bad you don't have the brain capacity to understand this very simple article.
      I'm simply just voicing the Dad bod is attainable even if you're not dad unlike the mom bod.

    • BigJake

      Yes, and you're really showing your intellectual rigor by retorting that I'm a "piece of shit." Call Stockholm and wake the Nobel committee, we've got a future laureate right here.

    • Stacyzee

      I have to speak to you in a level that you can comprehend. You can say thank you. Don't want to make this any harder for you than it already is.

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  • stubbsy
    Child birth does take its toll on the female body, and its unfortunate to the ones it does, but if I was honest, if I went through pregnancy and child birth, I would expect that, because women are singled out for this task only, no man can imagine what it all entails, but I know I don't speak for every man here, but in my eyes, whatever pregnancy and birth does to a womans body, its a reminder to how unique women are and how much we fail to appreciate, that being a woman is something a woman could only do, no man could or would if he had the choice, be the one who solely created not just man but the human race. What man would be able to accept that responsibility when all man does is thrive for power through the threat of death and destruction, x

      the last line ♡

    • Nuqood

      Do you even possess a pair of balls? Your disingenuous disposition is obvious to everyone who doesn't have a hard-on for male belittlement; You look like a jackass berating yourself for female attention.

  • lumos
    Yeeeah, I'm never getting pregnant. Kudos to women who happily go through all that and feel ok looking like that after giving birth, it's really admirable. Due to my anxiety though, I would never be able to cope with such drastic changes made to my body. :/

    As for the dad bod, from what I can tell it's just appreciating the average male body of a 30-50 year old. Not just a fat or unhealthy body, but more like an average body with a lil' bit of muscle and a lil' bit of pudge.
    This is what I think of when I head "dad bod" :
    The guy is clearly taking care of himself but he's not a gym rat or anything. That's pretty much the ideal body for me. Love it.
    • Stacyzee

      I find nothing wrong with the Dad bod. I stated to a previous user that I like all body types. Dad bod fits into the normal standard of what people are, however there is a wider range of "Dad bods". They all don't look like what you showed. When the term "Dad bod" blew up a lot of men didn't waste time to show their beer bellies on social and other body parts.
      It sort of was sort of like the "curvy girl movement".
      Some girls fit into the standard of curvy while others are clearly overweight and are saying that they are.
      I am all for people being contented with their looks.
      Being a Dad has nothing to do with having that body.
      You can get that body when you have no kids, unlike the Mom bod.

    • Stacyzee

      Thanks for commenting by the way. R u sure u don't ever want to get pregnant? is it purely do it physical changes that (may or may not ) occur?

    • lumos

      Yes I know there's a wide range of what the "dad bod" really is, but the picture I posted is the image that pops up in my head that I also prefer. :) And yeah I know being a dad has nothing to do with the body, I'm guessing that the term is just for men ages 30-50, a lot of whom are dads by that time and age.
      And yes, I'm sure. Not just for the physical changes but also because I believe I don't have a maternal instinct. Absolutely nothing about kids appeal to me. Like for other people, they might want kids because they think parenting is fun, they like the fact that the kids are a part of them, that they get to see them grow up into cool individuals (hopefully) etc. And all of that since nice I guess, but I just feel very "meh" towards the entire idea of kids.

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  • ConsultantIsBack
    Don't be content with yourself. Strive to improve from the inside-out. Your body, your personality, your weaknesses, your character and attributes, your intelligence and social awareness, and so on.

    Being content, giving up, not prioritizing self-improvement just seems like an awful way to live.
    • I agree with this 100%. Neither women or men should get fat to the point of no recovery. Better make the best of it while you are still young.

  • Northeast106
    You did leave out medical conditions, and biology as well. Dad bod was just a nice way of saying an average, aging, family man's body. Obviously it's not ideal, but when you have family sometimes your goals and your personal time are put aside for others. Most moms and dads have less time for themselves, between work, kids, sports programs, doctor appointments, etc. Aside from that maintaining a good body only does so much, your face is going to age, it's not like your going to be hot when your 80 years old lol.
    • Stacyzee

      I didn't want to turn this into a lecture , I only wanted to speak about the physical aspect since "Dad bod" and "Mom bod" are based on that.

    • Stacyzee

      I exercise , go to uni, work , take care of a kid. All it takes is twenty min , five days a week for me to work out. Not everyone wants to put in work.

    • That's true, sometimes it's laziness and bad diet or habits. Those are really bad stretch marks above though, I've never seen them that bad in person.

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  • Kikikenobi
    yeah its not supposed to be taken so seriously i dont think. my boyfriend is kinda out of shape and i say he has a dad bod as a term of endearment. really he's just a little fat, but i don't mind... actually i kinda like it.
  • zagor
    It's a "Dad bod" because you get so busy working and running kids around that staying in shape is no longer a priority. Plus you already have a woman who is kind of stuck with you by mutual obligation to take care of kids so you don't have to look hot to get laid.
    • Stacyzee

      Why is it called a dad bod though? When you can acquire that body in early life as a kid? I think the name itself makes no sense.

    • zagor

      I thought I just explained that. When you have no kids you have time and motivation to stay in shape. With kids that is no longer a priority.

    • Stacyzee

      A dad bod isn't distinctive because you can acquire that bod even in early life. So for personal weight gain to be called a dad bod just because you have more responsibilities in life makes no sense. It should just be called gaining weight.
      The Dad bod isn't distinctive like the mom bod. Because with a mother's body she can't achieve that look pre pregnancy. (Loose abdominal skin , tons of stretch marks , saggy breasts etc.) So the name makes sense.

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  • GirlScout
    I think the Dad-Bod is just a normal guy, hairy chest, bit pale, not muscly but stocky instead. I don't think it's fat, it's stocky and sturdy.
  • danny11
    i never heard about dad bod. Maybe it should mean if you look all beat up. Like if a girl beats the crap out of you for knocking her up.
  • PiuBelloAmante
    whats stupider, and more despicable, is the girls who like dad bod... like wth!!!
  • James19
    Good mytake and sorry for women who have to undergo pregnancies and stretch marks.
  • Rpf1918
    I don't know who said they were the same thing, as it seems obvious they are not. Of course men put on weight or get a little rounder as they age. Our affluent society allows people to pay the bills working at jobs that are physically undemanding, and sedentary lifestyles are more common than ever. And of course guys that have moved past the hunting mode they were in when they were focused on attracting a woman will smooth out somewhat. Yes these are all lifestyle choices, but people tend to go along with the norm, and this is now the norm. So if guys want to say they have "dad bod", and not be ashamed of it, nothing's wrong with that in my opinion. These factors are all contributors to the overall "mom bod" by the way. It's just that guys don't generally get the stretch marks, and obviously don't get the "pooch" from a stretched out uterus.
  • John_Doesnt
    Sure just blame men. That helps.
    • Stacyzee

      I didn't blame any one.
      Even, If I were to you have to acknowledge the fact that people control what goes into their bodies.
      So in all fairness, who else can you blame besides yourself?

  • drummerdude25
    My "dad bod" never did anything for me... lol
    • My six pack bod doesn't do me much either😢

    • @Scrambledagain Well shucks man, I'ma just keep doin' me then! Haha... But nah, we'll get it figured out.

    • HikerDude

      There are muscular guys who look like Greek gods who can't get laid, and skinny guys with zero muscle who date a string of beautiful women. It's all about the presentation.

  • Anonymous
    To me "dad bod" means he's busy doing family stuff instead of living at the gym. Maybe not obese, but softer than in his single life. Though I know guys who are awesome dads who have six packs. But not everyone had the same work obligations. Plus, I think I read that domestic life slightly lowers a guys testosterone so he's a but cuddlier and calmer for his role.

    "Dad bod" on a 20 year old college student, though. That's poor diet and low care level.
  • Anonymous
    Didn't know guys had a female equivalent to the lie, "curvy."
  • Anonymous
    I personally think the pregnancy thing is an excuse to get away with no longer looking as fit as you were before you had your baby. You claim men have a choice in the body's they but women don't. Yes they do. I understand pregnancy is hard but there are plenty of women out there who go to the gym and work hard so they can maintain the bodies they had pre-pregnancy.
    • Stacyzee

      A woman's body rarely ever is the way it was pre-pregnancy after she has given birth. Assuming we are speaking about a woman who got back down to her average height. I am speaking about things that cannot be erased such as stretch marks , and loose (excess) abdominal skin (as shown in the first pic of the girl). That's something no amount of exercise or cream can ever fix or fade away. Surgery is required.
      That's not an excuse.. it's a fact.
      I don't think men will understand this unless they are able to have multiple babies themselves.

    • Stacyzee

      **average weight

    • She isn't talking about weight.
      there's nothing a woman can do about the loose stetch marked skin on her tummy and her boobs that got saggy and stretch marked. Even if she gets back to her pre-pregnancy weight she'll have those problems. And after pregnancy a lot of women experience problems with their lady bits too.

  • Anonymous
    I hate to break it to you, but a girl came up with "dad bod." Most dudes have a dad bod and want to be in better shape, so you're really drawing dead on this one.
    • Stacyzee

      Read below at my responses to various users. I know a college girl named MacKenzie Pearson coined the term. That is not my issue. My issue is how can it be called "the Dad bod" when you can have that physique before ever becoming a Dad? That is the whole reason for me mentioning the "Mom bod" in this article because those figures have to do with being a mom. So the phrase suits it.

    • Stacyzee

      Also , im not concerned about whether most men have that body type or not , that was never mentioned in this article.
      There are different levels of the Dad bod, i am also pretty sure most men dont have a protruding belly.

  • Anonymous
    We should stop worrying about not having perfect bodies. Maybe the dad bod could be called "perfectly normal male body"
  • Anonymous
    At best maybe some guy facetiously referred to his figure as a dad bod and called it attractive knowing it wasn't all that. But I'm pretty sure women came up with the "Dad bod" and perpetuated it. I highly doubt guys are coming up with this to avoid taking responsibility for neglecting their bodies.

    "Mum bods" aren't a thing because they just simply aren't a thing. Absolutely nothing necessitates a female equivalent in this respect. But if we are to draw any parallels in terms of attractiveness, it would be to MILFs.

    So, you can say you don't like the dad bod and can call bullshit on so many women liking it - and you can point to the rough shape a woman's body can be in after birth, but why are you trying to make a parallel between them when they have so little to do with one another?
    • Stacyzee

      You missed the entire point of this article.
      I don't think you are familiar with the term "Dad bod" . Dad bod was made by a College student named Mackenzie Pearson. She was trying to empower men who don't fall into society's standard of fit.
      My whole point in comparing the "Dad bod" to the "Mom bod" is to make a huge highlight in the fact, that a Dad bod can be attained without ever having to be a Dad.
      A Mom bod on the other hand does.
      I am stating that the Dad bod should not be placed in the same category as the Mom bod.
      They are totally different.
      Dad bod's are guys who don't really care after their health.
      A Mom can be a woman who does exactly that... but it does not show because pregnancy marked its territory forever.
      I am not here to dispute what is attractive or what is not.
      I made no personal reference to what I like.
      I didn't even criticize others for liking it.
      It amazes me that people insert their own words in this article when I never made any mention of that at all.

  • Anonymous
    Those pics are fucking disgusting, wish I could unsee them all.
    • Stacyzee

      How would you feel if you gave birth and your stomach looked like that? Would you call yourself disgusting?

    • Anonymous

      Yup, I certainly would.

    • Stacyzee

      Well at least you're honest about that.

  • Anonymous
    Why do people always bitch about everything? So what if people try to make themselves feel good about themselves? Why does it effect you? There's so many people who try to live up to you and many other people's standards but can't because of genetics, stress, sadness, etc. I have know 3 people who felt so bad because of people like you always putting them down. They would hurt themselves and not eat for weeks to try to be perfect. What you're doing is so messed up. The dad bod isn't unhealthy or obsessed, it's actually very healthy to have a few extra pounds. Do none of you people who bitch actually study what you complain about? Seriously? The f###?
    • Stacyzee

      I notice on this site that anytime someone expresses a strong opinion , it's called bitching or complaining.
      Grow a pair !
      Not everyone is bitching or complaining.
      I'm stating a fact.
      I have nothing against bodies like what I showed.
      I am just simply stating it's a unfair comparison to pretty much place it in the same category as the Mom bod.
      Stop hiding behind cute names and realize , that yes you are out of shape.
      This reminds me of the overweight girls who say they are curvy.
      there's nothing wrong with your body , just don't hide behind these names.

    • Stacyzee

      Sorry If you feel I am criticizing the Dad bod b

    • Stacyzee

      but that's not what I'm doing at all.

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  • Anonymous
    I think women do have a choice in what they want their bodies to look like. Every woman should know the risks of her body not being the same after having a baby. If they don't know these risks then perhaps they shouldn't have a baby to begin with?

    As far as the "dad bod" stuff it all just seems like an excuse for fat, lazy, men to be attractive to women.

    I really didn't need to see those pictures. Absolutely disgusting.
    • Stacyzee

      Whose the lucky woman you're getting pregnant if that is your view?

      Also, no one knows how their body will react to pregnancy.
      So, it's not a choice.
      They didn't choose to be that way.

      Saying you're not having kids is a way different decision than saying no to something like juice.
      Way bigger decision. Some people want kids.

    • Anonymous

      You don't think women should care about the risks of having a baby before having one? That is rather unfortunate. I hope most women aren't like that. Even as a guy I'd want to weight my options on having a baby. Can I afford it? Am I in the right environment for it? Will I have the support from the child's mother? Etc.

      I never said anybody knows how their body will react, but they should know their body WILL react and that's the risk. Again risk doesn't mean guaranteed. It is potential. So YES it is a choice.

      Yeah well with kids comes responsibility and risks. Sorry that's the way it is.

    • Anonymous


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