7 Ways You Can Save Some Bucks, Keep Some Cash For a Rainy Day

How to put a little extra money in your pocket

Let's face it, times are tough, jobs are hard to find, gas and food prices are high and its getting to the point where we find ourselves financially stuck! This article is going to show you how to save up a few extra dollars for yourself or to pay those bills that are hard to keep up with or maybe you are saving up for a trip somewhere. These sites can be a huge help especially if you like to shop.


Swagbucks- swagbucks is a site where you can get paid to do those things you do online anyway! Swagbucks pays you to shop, search, watch videos, take surveys, refer your friends and so much more! I personally have made well over $100 in rewards since I have signed up with them about 3 years ago! If you sign up through someone who has refered you, you earn swagbucks for that as well! When the people you send referrals to sign up, you make 10% of what they make for as long as they are signed up and using the site. If you would like a bonus just for signing up, feel free to use my link:



Ebates: ebates pays you to shop! There are many sites that pay you to shop, but ebates is the most reputable site that pays you for shopping I have just started to use it about a month ago when I bought a pair of shoes. So far I have only made $3.90. Around the week of their birthday, which is around the second week of May, they offer 15% cash back on a wide variety of select stores. If you are interested in signing up, sign up through my link and earn $10.



Coupons- before you go shopping, see if you can print off a coupon or coupons for the things you are shopping for. Swagbucks and Ebates offer both online and physical coupons you can use to save both in store and online purchases. Honey also offers an extension for your web browser that will offer you coupons for the stores you are shopping at as you are shopping at them!


Give Kasasa a try! Kasasa is a company that works with both local and online banks. They offer up to 4% APY, cash back or rewards such as gift cards. I would recommend giving one American bank a try. They work with kasasa and offer 3.50% APY up to $10,000 but you have to use your check card at least 10 times per month, and use direct deposit. Note: if you don't want to spend the money on your card from this account, you can transfer the money to another bank account or just go to a ATM near you and withdrawal the money. And then deposit it back into your account (Oh and did I mention they reimburse you the money the ATM charges you)


5.)Try investing your money in banks that offer higher APY (or the interest you make on your money). There are a few out there that offer high APY but only up to a certain amount of money such as $10,000 for example. Here are a few online banks to look into if you are interested in saving a few extra each year:

One American bank, Northpointe bank, Dime


Just save your money! If you are saving for something big like an apartment, car, a trip to Europe, etc. then put money in a bank that is just for saving where you are not tempted to spend the money. (I usually take $50 out of every paycheck) over time weather or not your bank offers high APY it will still add up over time.


Sell your stuff! If your the kind of person that has stuff laying around the house that you don't use anymore or you are the artsy kinda person then try selling your stuff at a garage sale or online.

Here are some sites that can help you do that.

Openbazaar.com Note: you will
need a bitcoin account to sell on openbazaar also there is no online app for this.

8.) Check out Money pantry they have a huge variety of ways to put a little extra cash in your pocket as well.

Happy saving!


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  • This looks too much like an ad. Save money by finding ways to spend? That is the worst advice ever. You save money by drawing up a budget!!!

    You write down everything you pay for the last 2-3 months and some other yearly stuff. Then you start putting the things that are absolutely critical, like basic food, phone, hydro, insurance, into one piece of paper. Then you put things that are needed but you are okay without for sometime, such as clothes, perfume, appliances. Then you put stuff that you don't really need, such as magazine, cables, movies, random groceries.

    1st cut down you critical stuff into the minimum. A lower phone bill, use more efficient water and hydro, move to smaller home, lower internet bill, go on a diet so you will eat less.

    Then cut the non-critical stuff until you feel it starts to hurt your performance. Seek out bulk and cheaper items and stock them up.

    Finally, cut the rest and only spend them after you have a bit extra.


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  • I like that you included links for helping yourself out too, smart smart smart.

    Great MyTake. I just hoard it until I have to give ALL of it away to bills.


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  • Or invest it. I'll make it easy for you guys,
    1. Open account at OptionsXpress. com (i think there is no minimum even)
    2. Put money into Vanguard S&P 500 ETF

    • I mentioned you because you are an accountant and probably have more experience with this stuff.
      When it comes to finance,
      A professional is a good idea

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    • @OrdinaryGentleman damn, unaware, i'll check it out thanks

  • @consultantisback
    If something seems too good to be true it generally is right

    • thanks for mention!

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    • Ohh gotcha, my bad

    • @ConsultantIsBack
      Not your fault,
      Honestly, its my grandmother I'm afraid of, at least on my dads side.
      Until three years ago neither me or my siblings thought she laughed EVER.
      Then apparently she tells a joke to my sister,
      I still have a hard time believing it

  • needed this, thanks

  • $100 in three years?

  • Wait. So I shouldn't throw away my phone after 1 phone call?


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  • Just made $100 on the weekend selling my unwanted junk at a garage sale :) totally worth it.