Reconsidering My Previous MyTake: "Women Should Be Compensated for their Suffering"

I want to post an update to my previous MyTake, in which I argued that since women suffer more from physical and mental diseases, women should be compensated somehow.

Thanks to a conversation with someone, I’m starting to see the issues with the post.

Part of the reason women suffer more from both physical & mental illness is because it’s been proven that men are more likely to die from almost every illness than women, so the men who had illnesses are already dead by the time they do studies on which gender is healthier.
Therefore it could be said that compensation could involve making women more likely to die from their physical & mental illnesses.
This could be used to justify including women in the military draft - so that they die, & therefore end their suffering.

& Another part of the reason women die less from physical & mental diseases is because evolutionarily speaking, women's bodies NEED to survive better than men, precisely because they give birth. Put it this way: If there are 3 men and 7 women, you can have 7 kids at a time, whereas if you have 7 men and 3 women, you can only have 3 kids at a time. This is why women are more sensitive to pain & experience more symptoms when ill than men: because pain tells you to get help. Which is part of the reason women are more likely to visit doctors (and therefore recover from their illnesses) than men: they feel more symptoms from them, which encourage them to see doctors, so that they survive. I suppose that feeling more symptoms could be considered a fair price for, well, surviving, depending on the illness.

So it could be said that although being the ones to give birth (and therefore menstruate & be more sensitive to pain as well) can be seen as a disadvantage, it may be a fair price to pay for being more likely to survive.

Reconsidering My Previous MyTake:

Would I rather be in a doctor's office or a graveyard?

Also, another person mentioned that people with chronic illnesses are exempt for the draft anyway, so this would involve women being more likely to be exempt from the draft, thus being partially beneficial for women in some ways. Decent point.

Anyway, I’m not ready to abandon the concept just yet, but I just felt I’d update.


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  • Wow is the only reasonable reaction to this. You honestly believe that all women deserve compensation due to mostly biological difference in genders and illnesses suffered by only some of the population, and by both gendesign? If that is the case should be compensationed because it hurts like a S. O. B. when you get hit in the nuts? I mean that is something women don't have to deal with and all men suffer from.

    You are horribly self centered. I mean there are women in this world and miss treated and you really believe you should gain something in form of compensation due to natural biological differences. I wish you could spend some time in the life of a third world country woman to understand how good you already have it. And maybe you should be thankful for having it so and stop thinking about yourself and your petty problems and focusing on helping people with actually life altering problems.

    Finally as a man, I would never stand for any payment on my behalf to women just because they are a different gender than me. Nor if it was any other member of society who I never personal wronged, doesn't nerd my help, or I don't owe shit to.


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  • I think this is the first time I actually saw someone admit they saw points in the other side. Good Takes. Love them!


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  • ''This is why women are more sensitive to pain & experience more symptoms when ill than men: because pain tells you to get help. Which is part of the reason women are more likely to visit doctors (and therefore recover from their illnesses) than men: they feel more symptoms from them, which encourage them to see doctors, so that they survive.''

    This statement could't be any more wrong. Pain doesn't tell you to seek help, pain is the cause of damage and it's a way for your brain to tell you that something is wrong. If you punched a tree but felt no pain, just a slight sensation no more severe then a punch to your pillow, you wouldn't know that punching a tree is damaging your hand. This is why we experience pain. To let us know that whatever we're doing, or whatever is happening to the body is damaging it and it's a way for your body to get your attention. Your instincts do not have a concept on doctors this is just common sense. Women are naturally weaker than men and thus their body's are more fragile as oppose to men. Men have testosterone, and are designed to be stronger.

  • i´m chronically lazy and don´t like work. should i be compensated for it?

    if men are not at fault for your "suffering" then why should they suffer more just so you feel better? isn´t that horrible selfish? i mean we don´t get compensated for having to do the harder work every fucking time. we don´t get compensated for not being able to bear a child. we do not get compensated for being expected to always make the first step in relationship matters.

    freaking entitlement of people...

    • Your compensation for not bearing children is that you don't have to go through excruciating agony and have a 10% chance of PTSD in order to have biological access to your own children.

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    • "you don´t know anything about birth and c-sections because you never had one" yes I do because I've researched it plentifully because I'm interested in learning my options for the future

      Why do you want the option?

      And you don't have boobs that get you ogled either

      And most women are absolutely disgusted by dick pics.

    • see you just depsarately look for recognition. you won´t get it from me. i know what women go through and i know what men go through. asking for "compensation" is just so pathetic. i don´t even know how i can explain it. it´s like a spoiled child demanding it´s mother to get candy in a store and then bitching and moaning when she sais no.

      i know we all feel like beautiful little snowflakes and feel bad about outselfes sometimes but asking for "compensation" goes too far. just deal with your shit and i´ll deal with mine. i don´t understand why i should be obligated to give anything to you if you don´t give anything to me.

  • i think you can't compensate all women in a country because there are biological differences. is the gift of giving birth not enough?

    • You think that giving birth is a gift?

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    • @EllieLexis513 i really don't remember, i was little

    • No one deserves to be compensated whether they are a male or female for biological causes and reasons.

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