20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl


I believe that one of the cutest, most romantic things is when a guy holds and carries a woman, so here's a compilation of some cute ways you can carry your lady or how to hold a girl <3 !

1) The carry her like a potato bag

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

2) The carry her on your shoulders

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

3) The lift her from her armpits

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

4) The spin her around

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

5) The push her against a wall

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

6) The airplane mode

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

7) The illusion

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

8) The Classic way

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

You can also gently tilt her.

9) The let her sit on your shoulders

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

10) The cross your arms under her bootay

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

11) The WTF way

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

12) Her legs crossed around your waist

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

13) The piggy back ride

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

14) The lightly lift her up gently

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

With your arms crossed behind her back.

15) The Gym Freak way

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

16) The "I have strong arms" way

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

17) The "look at what I can do with my girl" way, mirin'?

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

18) The Human chair

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

19) The "secretly I want to kill her" way

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

20) The gender equality way

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

Thanks for reading, which one is your favorite?

20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl
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Most Helpful Guys

  • FakeName123
    1) Instantly reminded me of me meeting a girl I knew in a club and friend and me were about to leave to the backyard of the club and she wanted to get along. So I just threw her over my shoulder and smacked her butt like some good 'ol drums. Good times. Peoples reactions were pretty fun as well.

    Anyway, you forgot a very key one. Kinda like piggy-back but the different way around. Aka the girl at the front. One of the best and most important when kissing a girl while holding her and lets itself easily combine with the wall-pressing.
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  • Fathoms77

    I thought I invented #16. I really, truly did.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • crimsonqueen
    These all turn out really awkward when you are a tall girl lol xD whenever a guy who is around my height tries to pick me up I'm always like.. do NOT

    Only time I didn't mind was when I dated a 6'10 guy cuz he could do these like nothing
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    • TheGuy101

      How tall are you?

    • @TheGuy101 nearly 6ft! So really tall, but 125 lbs

    • TheGuy101

      Wow :) Thats cool
      I am 6'2 lol. i am short :(
      by the way you can join modeling , you have already got a beautiful face plus you are tall :)

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  • LittleMissCuriousity
    I'm just waiting for a guy to actually pick me up, haha!
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    • Zeezameel

      I can carry

    • The I have strong arms way has a weight limit I believe of about 120 pounds or less... sometimes less than this I believe if the guy is smaller. Majority of these require the girl be 120 and under though really unless the guy is buff and works out a lot.

    • I always get SO ENTERTAINED AND SHOCKED when a guy actually can lift me and does!!!

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Pac-Man
    Sick and tired of this gender stereotype bullshit.

    I want a woman to drag me into her cave, and have her way with me, cavewoman style.


    how to hold girls
  • alexsa
    Haha. 3 is nice. My partner does that often. He lifts me like I'm a snowflake.
    The push her against a wall. Oh boy! This is also our favorite.
    He carries me like a potato bag when I'm too lazy to wake up 🤣
    . I remember once I was wearing high heels, I was drunk and I couldn't walk straight. In one second I was over his shoulder. Needless to say, he didn't miss the opportunity to slap my bootay a few times.
  • Thatsamazing
    Great list and very cute and guys like carrying girls very much; unfortunately, so many girls these days are fat/overweight, that carrying them is basically impossible. Even for a strong guy like me. This post is a perfect example of why guys like petite/fit/slim girls the most-- it's the most feminine thing and speaks to our inherent desire to protect and be gently dominant.
  • BaileyisDarcy
    Some of these (like one or two) are okay, but if you try to pick me up I will be kicking and screaming and hitting.

    I loathe being picked up.

    And I hate how many people seem to think that because Im short its somehow okay to ignore my protests, yet they would listen instantly if anyone taller said no.
  • oldanddecrepid
    So I guess the caveman style is not cute?

    holding a girl
  • HookingSwan
    This was amazing

    made me laugh and smile all the way through

    And I have had an incredibly difficult day yesterday and today also, so...

    congrats... I was not at all in a smiling mood. Trying to numb out the pain.
  • AnnieBabe
    I LOVE this!! Absolutely wonderful and amazing. 😍😍😍
  • howardque
    This is a funny, witty take. Out of interest, if greeting a wonderful girl/female friend after a long time, which can I use. I've always wondered about how to hug someone you care about
    • Mornin23

      I mean I’ve got a non-intimate friend who’s a girl and I just picked her up in a hug when I saw her, same as I do any of my friends. Then I figured out that her boyfriend broke up with her and felt kinda awkward.

  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    I want my boyfriend to hold me in like 17/20 of those ways lol

  • JamieB
    How my guy lifts me up.If I had know this was going to happen I would of worn panties.
  • serious
    Not all but out of 20 only some are cute, affectionate and soft ways to carry or hold a woman.

    The other ways according to me are quite rough.

    Overall a good take. Yes.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Number 20, I don't think either of them is enjoying it all that much. Sometimes, getting good results is better than trying to force everything to be "equal."
  • Dionysos
    #1 is best when your twin sister wants to stay after school and make you wait 45 minutes while she chats with a dozen friends.

    She used to get so mad when I did that... :-)
  • RainbowFanGirl
    Love when bae pushes me against the wall and we have a steamy makeout session. ;)
  • Bandit74
    5, 8, and 13 are my favorites.

    20 was the funniest 😅
  • Hans222
    That's a really interesting take!
    If only I were strong enough I'd try out some :D
    Nice to hear you again, that's been a very long time!
  • Blanchmess
    I`m so easy to be carried around that you would only need a finger

    Basically any wuss could carry me up

    • meanwhile over here... the 140 pounds of muscle cannot be carried. bahahah

  • Sweatyotterr
    This is best
  • Daniel3035
    Step 1) pick up girl ensuring bodys are face to face.
    Step 2) Rotate girl upside down to vagina meets your face and vice versa.
    Step 3) drop to your knees.
    Step 4) Run away.
  • mikemx55
    You spin my head right round right round
    like a record baby
    right round, right round
  • iAMNirvana
    Thank you for your lovely post.
    I actually done the classic way and number 13 but others are like when she is gonna fall and break up with me lol.
  • David_Kek
    You forgot the caveman method; hit her over the head with something until she loses consciousness, and pulls her by her hair back to your cave.
    And that's where the term "pulling" came from.
  • Hannibal_Lecter420
    My friend did one where he picked me up from behind and started running. I screamed the whole time because I thought he was going to drop me
  • Kroakies_krickees
    4,5,8,9,10,12, and 14 are all ways I wouldn't mind being held or carried. And would maybe even enjoy!
  • Relentless_Hippie
    When my boyfriend carries me on his shoulders I scream like a psycho and my face looks like a flustered potato. It's so scary! v_v
  • sheildagent
    Omg, these are so cute! I really want a guy to pick me up now
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    He usually does all of the above except #17, #18, #19 & #20.
  • NotTheFBI
    So what have we learned here?
    Women like being picked up...
    Captain Obvious... Away... *Flies Away* :v
    Great MyTake. :P
  • hotstuffSRD
    5th one is what I've done till now
    I love this take
    Will do most of them with the girl I'll romantically involved 😂
    Thanks 😍
  • Cute pics but I don't think many would want to be carried in some of these ways, especially by some puny guy who would probably trip and they would both go down, just like you see in some of these you tube videos of grooms trying to lift up their brides in a dance. It is playful but the girls have to be small and petite. No one is going to be able to lift up some BBW who is bigger than them. Then there was the idiot who tried lifting his girl in the air above him for a selfie on the edge of a cliff and they both went over the edge when he lost his balance. Guys should save their backs from being thrown out and refrain from some of the ways your pics show.
    • How come ElissaDildo never replies to any of the opinions in her questions. Last time I go to one of her lame threads.

  • CubsterShura
    Too small for the gender equality way, too weak for 16 and 17, too heavy for the rest. Fuck my life 🙃
  • Goodwifie
    The last time my husband picked me up was on the night of our wedding.
  • idiotmanchild
    I like the gender equality way. I'd totally do that, lolol
  • DaniaMQ
    This was so cute lol
    aaand now I'm feeling lonelyyyyy 😢..😂😂😂
  • Rahdle
    I've done all but those last three. No plans on doing them either haha
  • isjusti
    Does those things happening in real life? :D And if yes, how often?
  • ConsultantIsBack
    So what your saying is muscular guys win once again😎😎
  • AshleyMariaWinter
    Oh my God, those are so cute!

    I want to be carried most of those ways!! 1,5, 12, and 14 are too cute! ☺️

    1 particularly if I am pouting!
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Just wow you make me wanna fall in love 😍😍😘I would try them all but wait I need to hit the gym first and get a girl😂😂😂👍
  • Maik567
    Number 1 is my favorite lmao. Or 11 if you're about to powerslam her.
  • YHL6965
  • polite-girl
    Awww I Love this <3 really
    5) The push her against a wall :D Damn hot Hhahahahahaa
  • MangoB83
    #21 - The Ron Swanson way
  • Liam_Hayden
    Just so you know, #12 can cause problems when a lifelong female friend runs up and does that while you are with another girl.
    • gemgem

      Any “friend that wraps her legs around you wants to be a lot more than friends in my opinion

  • stormbreaker06
    Girls say they want cute. But they really want is a bad boy.

    And if girls want cute they will get a puppy.
  • archiz
    lol that was funny and cute haha
    lifting from the armpit hurts af though
  • howzit2015
    I like number 20. I also wasn't expecting that one at all
  • Oram52
    Wow how did you come up with those haha

    Nice Take :D
  • iFarted
    wtf way is for naughty times! ^_^

    I'm a fan of the gender equality though ;)
  • AlongCameCindy
    is my Favourite <3