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15 Facts to Give You Hope

15 Facts to Give You Hope

I know that a lot of people on here are having a really hard time lately, myself included. I just wanted to show people that all is not lost and that there is hope.

1. Poverty rates have gone down

15 Facts to Give You Hope

In the last thirty years the number of people living in poverty all around the world has been cut in HALF. Isn't that just awesome.


2. Crime rates are down

15 Facts to Give You Hope

Despite the media heavily increasing coverage on crime the fact is that crime rates have been heavily and steadily falling for the past two decades.



15 Facts to Give You Hope

Despite what you might say or believe the stats do not lie. Divorce rates are at the lowest they have been since the 1970's.


4. Teen Pregnancy is at an all time low

15 Facts to Give You Hope

Society moving towards teaching safe sex instead of abstinence is largely to credit for this.


5. Disease deaths are down

15 Facts to Give You Hope

Deaths from the big killers in the U.S like Heart Disease and Cancer have gone down.


6. Despite what you may believe, since Obama took office the deficit is down

15 Facts to Give You Hope

The Deficit has gone drastically down these past few years.

7. The Hole in the ozone is getting smaller

15 Facts to Give You Hope

The hole is the ozone is getting much smaller. Yay for the environment.


8. Literacy rates are rising

15 Facts to Give You Hope

Global literacy rates are rising and that is just awesome, remember kids reading is cool.


9. We are using FAR more renewable energy sources than we used to.

15 Facts to Give You Hope
over 23 percent of the worlds energy now comes from renewable sources and the number is on teh rise. Hooray.

10. People are getting smarter

15 Facts to Give You Hope

People keep getting smarter and smarter. I honestly don't care why but the fact that we are is a very good thing.


11. Combat related deaths are down

15 Facts to Give You Hope

Globally less people are dying of war related causes. Considering that human history is just so full of war and violence towards their fellow man. This is an absolutely phenomenal thing.


12. LGBTQA people are gaining more and more accepted

15 Facts to Give You Hope

These people are just trying to live their lives and more and more people are starting to realize that its not perfect but its getting better every day.


13. We are much closer to finding a cure for HIV and AIDS than ever before

15 Facts to Give You Hope

We are making heavy progress in this field people and that is just so awesome isn't it.


14. The internet keeps reaching more and more people.

15 Facts to Give You Hope

This means easier global communication and far more people have access to learning and information that ever before.


15. Human population growth is going to start declining

15 Facts to Give You Hope

Which is just freaking great for humanity and the environment.



15 Facts to Give You Hope
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  • menina

    Nice take!

    Those are good news!

    • menina

      Thank you for the MHO. :)

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  • smahala1991

    This is surely good news!

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  • LiveFreeorDieHard

    All good. I laugh when people say the world is in really bad shape. I mean we are living in some of the most peaceful times ever. I say we have it pretty good.

  • alor1an

    are you sure about the ozone layer? because if you are, i love you right now. thank you. :D

  • archangek7431

    Thanks for your thoughts and extreme thanks for the first picture.

  • Dred1614

    You've got some good ones in there. Very well done take.

  • ginny_weasley

    Thanks I needed this.

  • Darkfairie17

    This is awesome :)

  • chintita

    nice take my fave one <3

  • melme16

    Thank goodness on human population growth. Phew!

  • Summerjonee

    Explain #14? How is that good?

  • idkthus

    What a nice thread 😁

  • BCRanger10

    I'm sorry, but how is #14 a good thing?


    • Waffles731

      Its better access to free information,
      The revolution in egypt owes its sucess to the internet

    • BCRanger10

      ... but why is the rum gone?

    • Waffles731