Immoral Restraint - Poem

Immoral Restraint - Poem

Just a poem I wrote inspired by past abuse, and emotional pain.

TW: Abuse, swearing, mental illness.

Immoral Restraint

I'm insane, it's a fuel that burns slowly.
Like a villain that torments my every thought.
Take me from the pile of maniacs.
Tell me I'm a unique one.

Cold hands degraded shaking like a bitch.
Gala of inept, you whisper that.
Pluck me up from the pit of the tawdry and deranged.
Tell me I'm the gold-mine you've been looking for.

Use my blood to work your way up.
My raging anguish is the x on your checks.
Distract me with velvet touches.
Tell me I'm your favorite fucking screw-loose.

Vile gasoline ignites your craving.
Shamelessly earning off my suffering, viciously nauseating.
Feathering bruises along my skin.
Tell me I'm your property.

So frozen with malaise you take my air.
Refuse to let me breathe.
I'm drowning.


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What Guys Said 2

  • You should check out poets corner. It's a free app for poetry sharing, it's pretty cool and has a great community.
    Awesome poem too!

  • WoW. I was not expecting that great poem.


What Girls Said 1

  • It was a great poem. Was it u that was abused? I have always wanted to write about my past too.