20 Fascinating Facts About Death

20 Fascinating Facts About Death

Death is a part of life, we cannot have one without the other, so if you're morbidly intrigued like me, you might find these facts interesting!

1. You’re born with 270 bones but will die with roughly 206, depending on your development. Bones tend to fuse together with age. For instance your skull is in 5 separate parts as a baby but will fuse together as you get older. This makes babies malleable and easy to birth.

2. After around 3 days of death, the enzymes of your digested dinner begin to eat you. It’s also what causes the bloating of your corpse.

3. This year in the USA, there have been 9,403 deaths due to gun violence with 429 of those being children.

4. 450 – 600 people die every year from falling out of bed.

5. Your life is more at risk if your doctor has sloppy handwriting. In the US, poor handwriting kills around 7,000 people annually as errors result from unclear abbreviations and dosage indications.

6. Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide.

7. In the UK there’s a rent a mourner service to fill your funeral with fake friends.

8. Around thirteen people a year die as a result of vending machines and that’s twice as many as

are killed by sharks.

9. Left hander? Apparently your life expectancy is shorter than that of a right handed person as thousands die annually using products made for those who are right handed. You’re more likely to die between three to six years earlier.

10. As many as a 1000 people die every year in this as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation so maybe try getting your jollies in a less dramatic way?

11. Around 153,000 people will die on your birthday.

12. Every hour at least one person is killed by a drunk driver.

13. There are around 200 bodies on the top of Mount Everest and they’re used as land marks by other climbers, just one of the reasons climbing that thing ain't for me.

14. Sharks kill 12 people a year while people kill 11,417 sharks per hour.

15. 80% of all the men born in the Soviet Union in 1923 died during the Second World War.

16. At least 1 in 25 people sentenced to the death penalty in the US are innocent.

17. In 1845, President Andrew Jackson's pet parrot was removed from his funeral for swearing.

18. The human head can stay conscious for around 15 to 20 seconds after it’s been decapitated.

19. Since its completion in 1937, more than 600 people have committed suicide by jumping off San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

20. There are over 200 euphemisms for death in the English language, those include: kick the bucket, gone to a better place, popped their clogs, turned their toes up, fallen of their perch, given up the ghost and my personal favourite, brown bread.

Do you have any cool facts to add to this list?


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  • How exactly does number 4 happen in real life?

    Number 8, somebody must be so desperate, angry and upset that the vending machines glitched or something and won't dispense their order and tried shaking the machine until it drops onto them and crushing them as a result? Or is there something I'm missing.

    As for number 13, yes, climbing all the fucking way up to the very top of that fucking thing is pretty much a death wish and adventure all in same fucking package. The Biggest problem is safely making it all the fucking way back down after successfully making it all the way to the very top. Meh. I'd only bother going to the top of that fucking thing if "Teleportation" ever became a reality. As I would really fucking hate to be trapped anywhere on Mt. Everest and slowly dying on the way back down, especially after when I already successfully had made it all the fucking way to the peak of that fucking thing in the first place!

    For Number 14, does that count as a war or something between humans and sharkies? Hey, I guess what goes around, comes around then?

    • Number 4 I assume people hit their heads when they fall.

      Yeah I think people don't realise losing your food isn't as big of a deal as losing your life and then getting crushed by a vending machine... not good.

      Yeah sack Everest. Never gonna do something that crazy!

      I guess we're winning :( not good

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    • I guess there is a work around somewhat for this. Place styrofoam mats or some thing soft but still big enough to be able to cushion your fall when getting out of bed, especially if it's going to be a bunk bed and you're sleeping on the top bunk.

      They have things like that when people perform stunts in hollywood where it acts as a safety precaution to cushion falls or when they need to create the illusion of someone being thrown or pushed away with immense force, well you get what I mean.

      It's just better safe than sorry, imagine if you fell flat on a soft Styrofoam cushion mat placed on the sides of the bed when you get up and forgot you were sleeping on the top bunk, it's still better than getting a bruise or a fracture in the head.

    • True that. Stunt men aren't made like they used to be. Buster Keaton was the absolute best of the best.

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  • But I can write with both hands.. What does that mean to me? Will I live three to six years longer? Lol.

    The shark thing really got my attention, how many sharks are there that they're not extinct yet?

    • You're special so maybe? Just as long as you use the tools for the hands they were made for :P

      And yeah I don't know how they're still around. They get a really bad wrap when they're not even that big of a threat to us.

    • I honestly still don't understand why humans seem to think everything belongs to them? Like, get out of the ocean? Use less land? Invest in schools?

    • Yeah I agree with you. When I visited Hong Kong I refused to eat anywhere that had shark soup on the menu. So unnecessary

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  • Great and scary list of topics. the decapitated fact is awful!

    We have this park called "the Grand Canyon"... lot of interesting facts on deaths there like people jump, or are pushed off, or fall off. its terrible, a dangerous place. I went there and could see up close how dangerous it was.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Interesting list - The one that got me was the 80% of men dying in the Soviet Union who were born on 1923 - I forgot just how brutal that war was for them - The reason they won was Stalin didn't care about casualties, he just kept throwing men into battle.

    • I know. That's so brutal. Imagine there's no men coming home from war. To be fair a lot of European countries had increadibly high death counts but that's a lot of dead soldiers. It's the side of the war we don't often hear about

    • Yeah but I think the Russian war was particularly savage - Stalin had a "Scorched Earth" policy even if you were retreating burn everything, houses, crops, kill animals and burn them so Germans would have nothing to eat, the Russians eventually starved the Germans into retreat - I don't think another country could have had such a policy or high casualty list without being forced to surrender.

    • Don't come for Russia cause you will lose! Napoleon ended up the same as Hitler, Russia don't fuck about. They're brutal but they know how to win a war. A really interesting one I heard and wish I'd added it was there was a seed bank, built by scientists full of samples of seeds and produce and they refused to eat any of it, even when they were starving to death. Crazy.

  • I only knew number one but I didn't know the rest of this. They all seem like big numbers to me 😟

  • "16. At least 1 in 25 people sentenced to the death penalty in the US are innocent."

    And this is why I don't support the death penalty! There's really no reason to have it, it's more expensive, completely immoral and you can't take it back if you find out the person you sentenced didn't actually do anything!

  • Is number 11 true? In that case

  • The deaths by drunk driver number seems low to me

    • It does doesn't it! But then one person an hour seems a lot too :/

  • I barley move when I sleep. I go to sleep on my left & wake up on my left. So I'm good.

    I could use "rent a mourner service" that's one reason why I want to be cremated.

    • The rent a mourner service is pretty cool I must admit and haha me too, I barely move in my sleep! Just avoid vending machines and Mount Everest 😉

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