7 Things This eBay Seller Never Wants to Hear or See

As a person who sells stuff in sites like eBay or discogs, there are some things I really don’t want to hear or see.

(In alphabetical order)

1) A clingy buyer

What do I mean by that? I mean a buyer asking me different silly questions like: Is everything on its box? How many hours the mobile can last without being charged? Is the screen damaged? Does it have WiFi? And so on. Everything is on the description and on the pictures, so it would be better to not bother me. But I have to tolerate such people in order to not lose them as clients.

2) Asking for a refund

This is something I really don’t want to happen. But sometimes I am desperate to sell, so I even sell items that are in mediocre condition, hoping that my buyer won’t complain about them.

Unfortunately sometimes they do.

3) I don’t buy because you live far away

So what? I can reduce the price of the item to make-up for the high shipping costs. Don’t be so stuck.

4) If it’s not sealed I don’t buy it

Some buyers want everything to be brand new. When I approach them, telling them that I have the following CDs, for example, they are after and at a good price, then they tell me Sorry, but I am only after sealed items. Well, what do you say to them now?

5) Negotiating prices

This is another thing I have to tolerate, like the clingy buyers. I found a buyer, so I have to reduce the price so I can get rid of what I don’t want. Although I try to not make a ridiculously high discount, and I really hope I don’t get any negotiations.

6) When they complain about the condition of the item

You know stuff like, The jewel case of the CD has a small mark on it! The manual of the video-game has a small wrinkle on the side! Well, I used it so it cannot be brand new like you took it out from its box. Just don’t be so stingy, and just hoping you won’t ask for a refund.

7) Your order was cancelled

This is the worst of all. You feel happy that you sold something, and a little bit later…you get the message that your order was cancelled! Imagine how this feels.


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  • Aw sorry dude, that must be so difficult to deal with. I never knew being an eBay seller had that many disadvantages.


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  • This is stupid and entitled. We all have complaints about our clients but it simply sounds like you don't want to work or know how. You're never 100% right so if you are noticing a pattern of complaints the problem is you.

    If you are giving accurate descriptions and providing service there should be no complaints.

  • Ever heard of the phrases the costumer is the king or the costumer is always right?
    Yeah, that basically means you as the seller have to bend backwards to please them because if they don't buy your stuff there will be another seller who they will buy this stuff from. So you depend on them...


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