Extroverts and Introverts - Which One Are You?

The basics

Extroverts and Introverts - Which One Are You?

Hello everyone. Today i'd like to share some knowledge about introverts and extroverts. Generally there are a lot of misconceptions about the two terms used. So if you'd like to read up about introversion or extroversion. You've clicked the right topic. So what are intro & extroverts? When talked about, a lot of people will say that introversion might be linked to how shy someone is. And extroversion could be the opposite, how outgoing said person would be. However, this is not the case at all. Let me start out by covering the general misconceptions

There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. –Carl G. Jung

General misconceptions

For the introvert:

-They're not necessarily shy/afraid of people. They often don't just feel like talking for the sake of talking.

-Introverts do like talking. It's not that they don't like to talk. But they prefer to listen before they respond. Introverts think before they speak and they choose their words rather carefully.

-Introverts do need to re-charge their "Battery" with some alone time or just time reading and reflecting on their self. Although this is true. They do crave interaction with other humans. And often enjoy the company of close friends and family.

The list can go on and on. But this is just so you'd get a basic concept of the misconceptions.

For the Extrovert:

-The extrovert is not necessarily outgoing and good with all other humans. Although they crave the interaction more than the introvert

-Extroverts can too be shy/anxious as these are personality traits and not linked to extroverts or introverts

-Extroverts their life is not necessarily easier . although they are better at striking up a conversation with strangers etc. there's a lot more to life than being good in social skills. Life is hard for everyone.

Are you a introvert or extrovert?

Extroverts and Introverts - Which One Are You?

So what are you? Are you more introverted or extroverted? I've put up a list of certain traits of both introverted persons and extroverted person. Although every person is different if you recognize yourself in some traits you can look and maybe tell what type you lean to more. There's also the ambivert (which is a combination of the two) but i won't cover that today.

Positive introvert traits:

-Tend to spend a lot of time fine tuning their skills.

-Seems to excel in reading, writing and any activity that requires solitude .

-Often closer to their friends and family (Closer friend circle)

-Great listener. Can think things through really well.

-Often more creative than their extrovert counterpart.

Less positive introvert traits:

-Need to recharge after social events. This can sometimes take a few hours but can also take days.

-Sometimes difficulty with speaking their minds.

-Difficult to approach people and make new connections.

-Can sometimes withdraw themselves to total isolation.

Positive extrovert traits:

-Great with other people. Often better in socializing and approaching new people.

-Often likes to talk about thoughts and feelings.

-Socializing helps you feel energized and inspired.

-You discuss problems and than solve them.

Less positive extrovert traits:

-Feels isolated by spending a lot of time alone.

-Tends to act before thinking

-Makes risky decisions sometimes.

these things can go on and on. But you get the idea. I'm going to stop writing now. I hope i cleared some of the misconceptions and maybe even teached some of you something haha. This is just a short list i compiled while on work. I'd love to sparkle a discussion on this topic as it interests me a lot.

I myself am a heavy introvert and often wish i'd be less of one. But hey both have their good and bad.

Have a wonderfull day.


Most Helpful Guy

  • So there is a term for having both traits or a moderation of both traits which would be an ambivert. Most people don't know that.

    I would classify myself as an ambivert. I might be a little bit more on the extroverted side of an ambivert. I would also say that extroversion and introversion is on a sliding scale for me (and I would also think most people) we have our days where the scale tips more one way than another.

    Also something else that irritates me about the internet and its romanticism of introversion is that it has spread misinformation of introversion. I often see people saying that they don't like other people or they don't like socializing at all so they would consider themselves introverts. Or that they would rather stay inside with a book all the time or video games rather than going out. (take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt as I'm not a licensed therapist or psychologist... yet) Those are symptoms of social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, or even in more extreme cases, borderline personality disorder.

    Even introverts like spending time with people. sure they fill up on it quicker than an extrovert and would rather be surrounded by a small group of friends than a large group of people but that doesn't make them anti-social either. extroversion and introversion are just how people "recharge" their batteries essentially.

    • Thank you for MHO!

      Have yourself a great day!

    • Finally! Someone that gets it! Extroverts are even more common that introverts so I don't understand why everyone is introvert, they're probably ambivert.

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What Girls Said 26

  • Idky this made me laugh because it made me think about myself and how crazy I am. I think that I am more of an extrovert than an introvert BUT when I am in a place where I barely no anyone, then I kinda keep to myself. But I think i am both

  • I'm pretty introverted in real life and I'm glad somebody finally got the concept of having to recharge. Some of my friends don't get it when I try to explain that it's not me being a bitch or that I've fallen out with you or anything, I've just spent a lot of time being sociable with you lately and it's exhausting so I want to cocoon myself in a blanket with my games and some books.

  • Your first image is specifically for Autism Spectrum Disorder people, not just regular extroverts/introverts.

  • Definitely extroverted, but I don't like crowds and being bumped and run into. Or having a place so loud that you cannot hear the person you are talking to.

  • Definitely an ambivert, only recently heard of this term though tbh, I used to think I was an introvert but it didn't explain personality traits that didn't fit into this category so I was happy to hear about ambiverts tbh, I guess most people have tendencies for both if not everyone :)

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What Guys Said 26

  • Nice. Thanks. I'm definitely an introvert. Introverts are thought of as being lazy, shy, stuck up, socially awkward, or not wanting to perform for an audience, and none of those is necessarily true. There are a lot of singers (me), comedians (sometimes me), etc. who are actually introverted.

  • I'm very introverted. I may sound smart on this site sometimes, but trust me in real life, I suck at discussions and debates.

    Sometimes I actually have to "recharge" from commenting on here too much haha.

  • I lean more to be an extrovert.. I am the one in front take the lead where others are lag behind. I like going up to people to say hello. I seem to be the person if they have a problem come and see me...

  • I'm more naturally introverted I think, but I've been making an effort for years now to be more extraverted because people don't respect introverted people, especially introverted men.

  • There are five types of introverts. I'm a social introvert. I crave time with groups but can only take so much before I have to have alne time to recharge.

    • That's how I classify myself. I love to spend time with my friends. Sometimes we'd spend hours upon hours until night with each other just talking, but eventually I'd begin having headaches and have to start holding back this little irritability that just developed of just wanting some silence. On rare occasions I'd have to hold it in so long that by the time I get home, I'd have developed a migraine that goes as far into the next day. Of course I feel socially fine again, but the migraine is a real headache. Haha.

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