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OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?


Well, let's start by saying....it's NOT! Sure, you can deter people from a confrontation. Sure, you have an advantage of reaching things from the jar of peanut butter to the other guy's jaw. Yes, tall people can often secure positions of power but that's only if they also have that personality type for that sort of thing. I can most assuredly tell you that it's NOT all it's cracked up to be! So many guys think because "girls only want tall guys" that it is so great to be tall. I know dues 5'4-5'8 happily married! Women in the long run will not choose height when choosing a life partner. And tall girls also seem to have it fairly hard in general with guys overall preferring shorter girls.

Let's just look at some of the sh*tty aspects of being tall:

You cant fit on most bikes
You can't fit on most bikes

You'll have your knees hitting your forearms on most bikes and murdering your knees with each pedal. You need special bikes fitted appropriately for you. You also will likely not be able to go on most of the affordable Mopeds, Dirt Bikes, and Motorcycles....which brings me onto my next point:

Everything is bloody EXPENSIVE!
Everything is bloody EXPENSIVE!

If you're used to getting your clothes at a Walmart, Kmart, JC Pennys, Khol's, Macy's, I bloody ENVY you! Go to a men's big and tall store for everyday apparel. It's INSANE what we gotta pay for simple T-Shirts and Polos. Want a T-shit? Yes, that's gonna be $30-$40 if it's not on sale. Polos? Starting at $60 buddy! Oh you need to do winter clothes shopping? Hope you brought about 2K with you for the holiday season! Gonna need a decent jacket for all weather? You're looking at $350 and UP! $40-60 per pair of shorts in the summer months. You know that if you were just a hair shorter, you'd have paid about 50% less. They got big and tall by the balls, and they know it!

OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?
OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?

Your @ss is NOT getting into those fancy little sports cars that turn heads. You might have the $ but your ass is never getting in one. Even if you did the accident you get into will leave you crippled for life, at best! You are limited on all the cool vehicles opened to you. Sure, there are still plenty to choose from. But if you REALLY wanted something in particular, too bad bud, it's not for you. And this also applies if you simply couldn't afford a full-sized car and wanted something smaller or with better gas mileage. Yep, you are out good sir or madam!

OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?

Oh you wanted to go on the Joker ride at 6 flags? Yeah, so did I when I was 15 or 16. Guess what? Sorry Charlie, you're too goddamn tall for this ride. Watch all your buddies enjoy it while you watch in envy! Same with the batman ride. I squeezed on that one at the expense of nearly crushing my nut sack by ride's end! Which reminds me...

OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?
OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?

The pain man! The goddamn pain! Tall people tend to get a lot more joint and back pain than shorter people in general. You know who started taking stuff for his back pain at 29 and his knee pain at 27? THIS GUY! Fun times! Thrashing in bed with cold sweats in so much pain you can barely catch your damn breath sometimes.

The bloody Flight Experience
The bloody Flight Experience

This is what triggered me to finally say something about all this. The fact I'm freaking out that the Planes going to my destination are limited on leg room. Being up in the air for 8-12 hours cramped up is NOT fun. I already have anxiety being up in the air and being cluster f*cked doesn't help my anxiety one bit. So I had to book a flight for two instead of one just so I have breathing room. I have to get there hours in advanced to make sure i get a seat next to the aisle so I can have plenty of space to breath and move my legs.

Being tall doesnt mean youre getting the babes bro
Being tall doesn't mean you're getting the babes bro

For guys who think being tall is the best thing in the world I'll just put it to you like this: Can being tall get your foot in the door? Yes! But if you think being tall is going to keep a girl's attention, keep her loyal, or if you think you are scoring super models you are WRONG! That has to come from merits and personality. That's the ONLY way you're keep a woman that you would want to keep around. I have an amazing woman in my life now. Know why? Because of my heart AND HER'S, that's why! Shallow people are interested in other shallow people. So don't even pay such people mind. Focus on building up your character instead and stop getting hung up on the damn height because it honestly doesn't matter nearly as much to most women despite what you see on idiotic tinder and okcupid profiles.

OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?
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  • WonderBell99
    Good MyTake! I pretty much agree with it. Many men think height is all that matters, but it doesn’t matter at all. Sure, it’s a bonus if a guy is like hella tall, but I just want a guy to be taller than me, I’m 5’2(checked my height recently; thought I was 5’0 before lmao, but guess I didn’t measure it properly back then) I just want a guy who is 5’6” or taller..

    Tom Holland is shorter than Zendaya and they seem happy. Physical attraction is important at the initial stage, because it’s vital for forming emotional connection. I don’t really think I can form a romantic connection to a guy I’m not attracted to. At the same time, I’m not asking for a super hot guy either, just a normal, cute looking guy whose personality and long term goals match with mine. I need someone who can support, love and care for me. I would give the same to him.

    My mantra when it comes to my (future) relationships?
    “Looks attract, but personality makes me stay” I’d rather date a guy who’s a 6 and has a great personality than a guy who’s like a 9 and has a shit personality. The average looking guy would automatically become handsome to me.

    I won’t really care about the guy’s height as long as he’s taller than me😂 Most guys are pretty much 5’6” or taller, so it won’t even matter one bit. To all guys on here: The right woman will love you for who you are. Don’t be insecure about such a superficial thing such as height. Be charismatic, friendly and polite. Focus on building your character. Do whatever makes you feel confident. Don’t do it to impress girls, do it to make yourself feel hot. If YOU feel hot, you will definitely seem hot to other people too! Take care of your health, and eat good food, people!
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    • TheSpartan

      You outright admitted that you view height and looks as inseparable, with height being an important part of physical appearance to you.

    • @TheSpartan looks so matter. I won’t date a man I’m not attracted to. That’s stupidity.

    • *looks do matter*

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  • SaoirseS
    You're right, character matters. As you explained, being tall comes with some distinct disadvantages. Why the fuss over height on GAG is beyond me. I'm short, so what?

    Nice MyTake.
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    • t-8900

      I can't wait till my plane lands lol. Sucks i had to get 2 seats tbh. I think originally planes gave 35" leg room. The newer planes are down to 28" to pack more people... But it will all be worth it to be where I belong <3

    • SaoirseS

      Air travel in coach is pretty much travel by cattle car. As you know, I'm short and small which is an advantage for last minute air travel where the only seat choice left is a center seat. But there's an advantage to that - I can make friends with people on both sides of me :-)

    • Where is that, Land of the Giants?

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  • constantine15
    While I generally agree that there are cons to being tall… however, the women thing is grossly underestimated by tall guys like yourself and it’s because you have no idea what it’s like.

    I did an experiment on tinder and bumble and my matches quadrupled when I said I was 6’1 in my bio. This alone proves that you are absolutely wrong in saying that height doesn’t matter in dating. I guarantee you that you wouldn’t have the same success with women if you were 5’5

    Yes, it doesn’t make much of a difference if your comparing someone who’s 5’8 or so…. The real issues start when you get below 5’6. Your dating pool DRASTICALLY decreases and unless you have a good looking face, you won’t be getting many chances at all.

    But you are absolutely right in saying that women won’t stay solely for height… you need a good personality too…. It’s just women won’t even give you the chance to show your personality if you don’t meet their height standards.
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    • t-8900

      As I said a woman worth keeping. I'd you just like to f around then sure I guess. I still don't do that and have no interest in that lifestyle. As I said I have a friend who is 5'4 and his wife is 5'7. I mean it happens. You have a lot of bad catches. Only one or two is really going to fit you snuggly so to speak. If she sucked you to go out with me for my height you dodged a bullet and likely down the road I'm going to have issues with her you were spared.

    • Dating is a numbers game, some of us might have to date a lot to find that perfect girl for us. When you’re short, that pool is drastically reduced to where we might only get 1 or 2 girls that will ever show us interest.

      I have some short friends who have been successful as well, but for every 1 successful short guy, there are 9 others who aren’t.

      You’re right that if a girl left me due to my height, that’s a dodged bullet and good riddance to her. Now I only have to go through another 100 rejections to have a chance at another girl… meanwhile a dude who’s 6’ will likely only have to go through 10-15 rejections compared to a short guys 100 or more.

      I guess my point is, numbers in dating do matter when it comes to finding that perfect girl. Tall dudes have far more “yes” responses than short dudes.

    • Cathy7734

      I enjoyed reading your comment and gave it a "thumbs up." Especially the last sentence, "It’s just women won’t even give you the chance to show your personality if you don’t meet their height standards."
      On a side note, I have an older friend that's 6'3" and when he was in the military he said a lot of short guys would try to pick a fight with him, especially at bars. That would suck

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  • backdoorman
    I'm 6'3" so not super tall but tall enough to know you're 100% right. It definitely has its disadvantages. For me, the worst is never being able to get comfortable on planes or in any public seating. One of the best things that ever happened to me was movie theatres moving to the big reclining luxury seats.
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    • t-8900

      Same height with me. Just imagine ou bro's hitting 6'5+

    • Yeah I definitely wouldn't want to be any taller.

    • Guys who are 6"6 get unlimited pussy. They are assumed tl check off at least 2 of the 3 requirements of a top tier guy... strong, capable and rich

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  • mamasan
    I'm short, and I like it that way. It's easy to blend into a crowd, I can wear heels without having to worry about being "too tall", and I like feeling petite. I do see the perks of being tall, but personally, I like my height.
    • quietcuite

      How short are you

    • mamasan

      @quietcuite 5'3"

    • quietcuite

      by the way what's the benefit of being able to blend in crowd?

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  • DonkeyDan
    I know all too well the draw backs of being tall, my back is definitely one of them!
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  • beernbacon69
    I can related to all of these since I'm 6-3"... it's an almost daily occurance to hit my head on something... likely installed by a short person.

    One other annoyance is when traveling and the shower head is mounted about a foot too low for me. That being said, overall I'm glad I'm tall. I know a lot of women look for taller guys, and it's a benefit at a concert if everyone is standing I can still see the stage with no problem!
  • Staximus
    I'm 5'6". A few of my friends are about 6'4"-6'6". When we go to the bar, I look like the coach of a basketball team haha. None of the girls even look at me when I'm with them, they are too busy gawking at my tall friends. You want a car that gets good gas mileage that you can fit in? Honda Fit 1st generation. My friend who is 6'7"bought that car because it was the only one his legs fit in, no pun intended.
    • t-8900

      But I wanted a fancy sports car! </3

      5'6 is short though. Like I'm just saying being tall is overrated, not saying short people dont have struggles. But being tall isn't as great as some people think. I went weeks shoeless before because I needed special orders because local stores never carried my sizes smh. also you basically wear the same shit every week too. Bars aren't where I meet women anyways so that's not doing me any good tbh.

  • ArrowheadSW
    There is a guy in town who is somewhere a bit over 6'6"... He says he has to hear people cuss all the time because when he goes out in public, people look up at him and say, "Oh SHIT!"
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  • douride2
    You should have a chat with @MCheetah He thinks tall is where it's at.
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    • t-8900

      I tried before. He's taller then the national avg even but still thinks he's short. I e explained my childhood friends are 5'4, 5'6, and 5'10 and all of them are married except 5'10 ironically. Im not sure why he feels that way. He would still be taller then most men, just not all of em. I have no hate for him. We've had pleasant conversations but just not this subject. I honestly don't think 5'10 is ideal height tbh. Not short and you can fit where you need to. Now girls will be shorter than you too. Just my opinion. I remember what that was like when I was 14 and miss that height.

    • MCheetah

      Well, like I said, being sh*t-tier is still sh*t-tier. I can't correct or fix my height, so I'm not going after women anymore. So, that problem is "solved."

      Your 5'4" and 5'6" friends are likely very cocky and have enough 'confidence' to compensate for their stature. Not that it matters; your three friends and I are all in the same boat. Like I said, even women are 6'0" and above nowadays. Back when I was in the US, most women I met were 5'6" flat-footed. In heels, they're now my height. Most men were taller than me; 6'0" to 6'2". You'd have to meet a 70 year old Asian, Mexican, or Jewish guy before you'd start to see men shorter than me. I don't know man; if you want to be small, weak, tiny, inferior, and MOGGED by women when they're in high heels, then that's cool. I don't like the feeling of being a F-grade in height, but "not allowed to feel bad about it" just because Jeff Bezos happens to be 5'6". Just like I said with this chart before.

      OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?
      OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?

      I also made a MyTake in response to this one, in order to try to play Devil's Advocate and pretend like any woman would be fine with a guy the same size she is (or shorter).

      It's based on other people's research, NOT my own opinions.

      Your Odds As an Average Man of Getting A Woman, Based on Height (according to one dubious study) ↗

  • zagor
    Yeah, on those long flights I appreciate being average height. I would think anyone over 6'4 would pretty much have to fly first class on all but the shortest flights.
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  • Cherry234
    Being tall is not all it's cracked up to be I see. People who are envious of your height don't understand what you and other tall people go through. I don't get why some men are so obsessed with wanting to be 6 ft or taller. I think some women want to live up to some fantasy they have and won't consider anyone that isn't 100% their ideal type.
    Some women only want tall men, especially short women, because they don't want short children.

    That's bull. They aren't necessarily going to have tall children just because they reproduce with tall men. I have an aunt who is very short. She married my uncle who is 5'10. They have 3 sons and one of them are really short. One is 5'7, another is 5'8, and the other one is 5'9. They're all taller than the average woman. I would date a guy under 6 ft and even my own height. Height is just not that important to me.
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    • Cherry234

      I wish I could edit this. I messed up and didn't make the paragraph break in the right spot. Oh well...😔

    • Cherry234

      *none of them

  • Daniela1982
    You can change height with McCheetah. He's always complaining he's too short at 5/11, which is ridiculous.
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    • TomGarand

      Well, if some women didn't have unfair expectations of men like that, we wouldn't HAVE men that are 5'8-5'11 thinking they are short.

    • SussyBaka

      @TomGarand hahaha and here I am 5'6😂.

    • Cherry234

      @SussyBaka You're still taller than me.

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  • bigslab
    Due to being 6 foot 3 and a half I have to bend to avoid bumping my head when entering the kitchen
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    • t-8900

      We're basically the same height. So you know how it is.

  • globetrotter22
    I am a 6ft guy and just got the hell of it I got height boosting dress shoes (makes me 6’2’’). I DID notice a positive difference when I was interacting. Maybe it was the placebo effect but it they seemed more interested.
  • John_San37
    After reading this, I'm lucky that I'm not that tall.

    I mean, tall people has many advantages to reach long places and intimidation (if someone is messing with you).

    I'm 5'9 (basically average height here in the United States and tall in certain countries) and to some people, I'm slightly intimidating whenever I have to protect my friends from a stranger.
  • Likes2drive
    I would have been happy to have made it to 6 foot but my dad is 5’7” but I did make it to 5’10” and still here it’s short to women and I’m around people that are 6’3” and they don’t complain much about it except with cars and shirts not fitting right but my feet are bigger then theirs which is funny. I think legs hanging over the bed or taking a shower with the nozzle to low would be annoying for tall people
  • AviatorTom
    I was married to a woman a foot (12 inches, 31 cm) shorter than me for 20 years. Tall men can do just fine, despite all the travails in your post, many of which never happened for me.
    • t-8900

      i never said they couldnt. But did she choose you and stay with you for your height? Thats what my last point was. It wasn't your personality or chemistry that kept her around?

    • AviatorTom

      She did like tall guys... that's who she dated before me.

    • t-8900

      But she didn't stay for that. But also not every girl prioritizes it at the top tbh. And I know plenty of guys married under 5'10

  • RealMarek
    I’m 6’5 and wouldn’t change a thing. Yeah, the struggle to find clothing that fits is real and some woman or short guy in front of me usually pushes his seat back on the plane, but everyone has their challenges.
  • Drege01
    its true, its all true, little guys constantly try to fight you, like they want to channel their inner david.
    Everything hurts because just being alive, head bang into everything, even large cars and many cabinets are out to get us, trailer hitches too, old bishes CONSTANTLY asking you for help in getting cans off the top shelf at the grocery - I charge em 4% per can, thet shuts em down pretty quickly.
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  • Shamalien
    Dude how tall are you XD I’m 6’1 and I deffs feel you on the airplane shit, cars as well, it can be very cramped... back and knee pain, yup, having a long back and working a desk job is a bad combo. Gotta stretch and workout lots to keep from degrading. But yah I’m curious how tall you are cause at 6’1 I experience some of this, but I feel like if I was a few inches taller it would be a lottttt worse
    • t-8900

      Yes im 6'3 and it's still not the tallest. If I was 6'7 like my uncle fml lol

  • InYourHead
    I'm 5' however I dated a guy who was 6'6... it was definitely interesting we both had problems with our heights but very different problems 😆
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  • Diodoro
    As a man there is no genuine downside to being tall. Unless you hit that 6'6-6'8 range. That's when it starts getting weird. 6-6'5 is all upside.
    • t-8900

      I just listed the downsides. They exist and they are real and your wallet and back will remind you of that.

    • Diodoro

      You pieced together trivial matters that are largely untrue. The average tall person will not have any of the issues you stated. Just for example. Most clothing brands have clothes that fit men in the 6'3-6'6 range. You won't have to shop in the big and tall.

      A guy at 6'3 and a guy at 6'8 will have a different experience. Both are tall. You overstate points that kinda make sense to the point of just being false

    • t-8900

      okay i need to tell myself that my own lived experiences never happened and are untrue figments of my own imagination.

  • Heartache0405
    Watch your head 😅 yeah, no. Being tall and being short can both suck. Especially for men. They can’t do anything about their height and apparently women prefer guys who are 6ft as a preference.
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