What kind of hugs do guys prefer?

Do you guys prefer one over the other? Does it matter?
Do you prefer when girls wrap their arms around your neck? or around your waist? or a sideways hug?

Personally, i dont like the sideways hug if i like the guy. I only do that with guy friends, coworkers, or my bosses. I've always wanted to hug a guy around his neck but i never reach. so i just hug around the waist and bury my face in his chest. i get a good whiff of his cologne. :D

When i first hugged my crush, he hugged me with both arms instead of a sideways hug like he does with other people, so i wrapped my arms around his waist and he asked me why like that. i guess he expected a around the neck hug, but i told him i dont reach up there. haha so now, i like that i can hug him from the waist and still get on my tippy toes to get closer to his neck and he bends down get closer to my neck. its pretty great actually.

so what kind of hugs do you guys prefer?
Around the neck
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Around the waist
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I hate hugs!
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What kind of hugs do guys prefer?
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