Whats wrong with me? why does it never work out with guys?

i feel like i'll never date and i dont know what to do about it. So i have never dated, im kinda seeing a guy right now, but unless somethings changes very soon i dont see us dating/seeing eacother anymore.

In my past i have almost only come across guys that only wants sex, and when they find out im not easy they are gone before i know it. I met this amazing guy (the guy im seeing) three weeks ago, even when i had givin up all hope, but just started changeing and i have no idea if he stil interested. He was so into me in the beginning, and now he either cares less or have just lost interest. Its very clear he isn't just after sex, so thats not the problem, but i just find him a bit confusing, like sending mix signals (in my opinion at least).

Anyway, if this doesn't work out im not going to be suprised, because nothing never works out for me. If its not their intetions i dont like, its their looks og behaviore. Im not perfect, im actually inexperienced and very insecure, and because of i know that sometimes and in some situations i can come across as indifferent and careless, when i do infact care, but i dont know how to react or how i feel about the situation (refering mostly to emotions and sexal wants etc) so i therefore dont say or do anything lol. So maybe its more that im doing something wrong then the actual guy... i dont know what the problem is and how to fix it.. it sucks not having any experience and ill neevr get better or more comfortable if i dont start... any advice?
Whats wrong with me? why does it never work out with guys?
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