*Honest feedback appreciated* Your opinions on large men and women?

Okay, there are ALWAYS jokes about our more robust citizens, right? It's one of the last few prejudices that is (throughout America anyway) still widely accepted. I just want honest feedback here. You won't piss me off or offend me no matter how hard you try (take that as a challenge if you will, idgaf because I don't know you anyway and I loooove it when people try to get under my skin). I want HONEST answers here, all right? Don't namby-pamby with me, ladies and gents, and don't go getting the idea that I just want positive feedback, okey doke? Tell me what you think - whatever it might be. Talk all the crap you want to ME - just don't bash other people who might be sensitive about it because that's not cool you @$$holes! It's NEVER cool to hurt someone, all right? If you're grown and you're doing that (even if you think you're helping them) you seriously need to take a step back, break away, and do a little soul-searching, okay? How would you feel if someone came down on you for being who you are? Not too good, I bet. Not too fucking good.
P. S. I am a fat chick and always have been. I'm extremely curious about this.
I'm cool with everyone
I dislike anyone who's different than me
I'm beyond giving a fuck anymore
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*Honest feedback appreciated* Your opinions on large men and women?
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