What do you think about Charles Manson? Why this cruel murderer & killer, Have so many followers?

Have you ever heard about Charles Manson this monster, The evil organizer, A very wicked man and Killd so many Innocent people, Why such a murder bad murderous person have so many followers? Is this called some kind of unknown evil effect? I know he don't have a good childhood, But that dosen't mean he shuold be a killer to murderer Innocent people. it is said he also fucked a lot of pretty girls? He also let his followers to kill the Famous Hollywood actress Sharon Tate. And Why the U. S. government, not sentenced him to death? Only sentenced him to life imprisonment? I also haerd of a pretty girl 25y old , Want to marry him in 2013 , Her name is Averton Burton. And for this her parents cut off the relationship with her. I mean what the hell? When a perosn doing a lot ot bad things he also can be a Legend hun? I don't know what's wrong with this world, But it seems even the bad people also have so many followers and even Worship them . Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler this kind of person , Make me sick and I hate them so much. What do you think about all these? But Manson this name already famous in the whole world.
Charles Milles Manson
What do you think about Charles Manson? Why this cruel murderer & killer, Have so many followers? <br />

The girl Averton Burton 25y old , Manson's admirers want to marry him and make a wedding in prison. Can you Can you believe this? Manson already 79y old at 2013
Manson already 79y old at 2013

I'm very very sad for this girl, A devil get a pretty angel, How could this happend?

Sharon Tate Hollywood famous actress in the 20 Century 60's Murdered by Manson's followers!

  • He should be sentenced to death, He deserves to die !
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  • No He is a legend, Just like Adolf Hitler , He shuold live until he die.
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  • These serial killers fascinate some people.


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  • I didn't realise he was still alive

    • Yep, That's what I thought

  • He was a psychopath so he was pretty good at manipulating people into his cult.

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