Girls, What are the stereotypes of British men in your country?

I was wondering what positives traits you asscoaite with British men

I am well aware of the bad

- Bad teeth
- Eat crumpets (which frankly we don't, not even sure what they are tbh)
- Drinks Tea (I hate tea with a passion)
- We are all pale and freckeled (guilty as charged)
- We love to queue (Its just polite folks)
- We are shy and awkward (Its endearing I promise)
- We like to say sorry (Sorry in the uk is also used to say "excuse me" which is really what we mean when we say sorry, you'de be hard pressed to get a brit to apoligaise for real)
- Terrible food (I'd have to beg to differ lads)

Also attatch your country if you don't mind, its nice to se what different people think you know

  • I find Brits as a whole attractive, accent and all
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  • I just like the culture
    Vote B
  • I just like the accent
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  • Not bothered
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  • I despise the accent
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  • I loath the culture
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  • I just hate you all Brits if I'm frank
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  • I'm American, and besides the stuff you listed, I think Americans generally have a positive view towards British, except that sometimes we get the vibe that you all like to look down upon us for being ignorant and dumb. Anyways... Harry Potter, Adele, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, The Wanted, Elijah Wood, Keira Knightley, Ben Kingsley, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The Beatles... it seems like everything mainstream entertainment from you guys that makes its way here is considered respectable, reliably good, and classy. I can only think of Robert Pattinson who gets a lot of hate... due to Twilight, but if you watch his interviews, he's so grounded and likable. American girls swoon over him.

    I think the British overall homogenously are a well-dressed society.

    My parents are Pakistani, and I've heard Pakistanis in the UK are involved in a lot of racial tension and find the word Paki insulting while in America, Paki is a completely benign word.

    American women tend to go crazy for English, Irish and Scottish accents... not even exaggerating. It makes a person ridiculously more attractive here. I think American women maybe associate men with the accent as being classy and good in bed. Not sure what American males feel about females with these accents. Also, it seems like British people are very good at nailing the American accent whereas we suck at your accent. Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohen from The Walking Dead, Josh Bowman from Revenge, Hugh Laurie from House, etc. I wouldn't be able to pick out they really have British accents.

    • Ummm Elijah Wood is American I regret to tell you. Yeah the word Paki is a very offensive word used by ignorant assholes who can't even point to uk on a map let alone Pakistan, although they use it to describe all middle easterns even though Pakistan isn't really in the middle east but there you go.

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    • Also, this one sounds kinda mean but I dont mean it like that... when I think British, I think plain jane look. Pale, very thin lips, nothing particularly striking but on the flip side it can be considered a classic look I guess.

  • Germans don't have any stereotypes associated with British men in particular as far as I know- but the only other stereotype i haven't seen in your list that I can think of is being incredibly sun-burned and drunk on vacation. Oh, and many also think that not being able to speak a foreign language indicates being mentally lazy.

    ... personally, I like Britain and British People in General, male and female.

    • Well the kind of people who go away to get drunk are called chavs and we hate them too. Our sun burnt is a badge of honour, at least we tried eh haha. Well I'm sad to say I don't speak a second language only a little French were as my sister speaking fluent French and Spanish not to mention speaking good Portuguese and a bit of German and Latin, So some of us do bother I promise haha.

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    • Yeah, my big problem in Brazil (at least in Rio and São Paulo) was that loads of people cut to English, because they thought they knew English, but almost everyone in Brazil learns American English, so 9 times out of 10, they couldn't actually understand my British accent when they tried to show off their English!

    • @abacaxi I wasn't making a judgment on it, merely telling you what the general attitudes of the German public are towards British people. Sorry if that didn't come across as intended. I happen to disagree with those stereotypes... well, maybe not the sunburned-part, but I think that applies to German tourists in equal measure :D

      Personally, I think it's about as accurate to deduce intelligence and education from the ability to speak a foreign language fluently as it is to use tarot cards to predict the weather. As you say, there usually simply isn't a real, pressing need for native English speakers to pick up a foreign language, and honestly, not much in the way of entertainment or literature to make it more appealing... unless your interests happen to fall that way. Whereas for most other people, learning English is more of a necessity than a choice. So in my opinion, those scenarios really cannot be compared and do not in any way reflect on a person's mental effort.

  • British food is best! I like most Brits and I like England and I love the accent and British series are awesome!
    In fact I'm flying to New Castle on Saturday and I've been looking forward to all the food for the past month! Can't wait for a nice Sunday roast! And fish and chips and chicken kiev and and and... nom nom.

    I'm from the Netherlands by the way.

    • I should add I also really like the culture although I worked as an au pair for a British family for a while and I really disliked the family dynamic, especially the role of the male but he might have just been a crappy dad and husband, so I'm not sure if they were just the one off or if that is an actual thing...

    • Really most people don't like the food. What role did he take in that family? Also Newcastle is one word but I'll forgive you ;)

    • Oh dear well I'm glad i'm forgiven.
      It was like the mum and dad worked a lot but when they where home the dad would always just be off again to the pub and drink all night, and if he wasn't drinking he was playing golf all weekend and if he wasn't playing golf or drinking he would be at home grumpy and lazy as fuck ordering everyone around. He never spend any time with his wife or children and if his wife finally got a chance to go out with her friends and he was supposed to watch the kids he would get really jealous and just take off to drink some more. But I guess (and hope) that was just him being crappy and not all brits are like that.

  • I'm from the UK, I voted that I hate our culture :P We're not really the greatest people, in my opinion.

    • Never said we were the greatest at all but if you removed the chavs it would be pretty damn great haha

  • I typically find British men attractive. I'm from the Untied States. I think the accent is cute and I especially love gentlemen so if you're an attractive British gentleman who knows how to treat a woman right, you have a lot going on for you.

    • Wait attractive or British attractive? There is a difference, we aren't the best looking bunch

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    • No problem at all :) Good luck! ( I was just looking through some of this again and I saw a couple of typing errors.. so sorry about that haha. United States not Untied haha.)

    • Well I'm dyslexic so I won't judge ya don't you worry :)

  • I'm swiss and I literally drool over British guys; you have a great sense of humor, you can actually drink more than two beers without geting annoyingly drunk, your accent is adorable, so is your pale skin, you are all super friendly, and most of you are HOT

  • Conmen and they steal people's land and resources.

    • Well my family are Irish Republicans so I'd agree with you on that but the empire is dead and independence for the last remainders of the empire is coming... fingers crossed anyway

    • I was talking mainly about the English.

    • Yes I know thats why I'm agreeing with you

  • In my country? Brits are about as welcomed as you can get.
    Canada, by the way aha

    • Why are we welcome eh, too much beer not enough drunkards to drink it for you? Not meeting your sarcasm quotas? Not enough Bants going round?

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    • Well I guess there you go. I don't find "normal" Canadian/American accents attractive (i can't tell the difference), as I hear them all the time. I basically sound like the generic American person.
      I haven't heard of "valley girl" accents before though

    • Valley girl =

      Well The genetic north American accent isn't good or bad, its just because of the USA it conjures up thoughts of morons, there is differently a mental connection in Brits minds between the genetic American accent and being thick as a post (stupid). You Canadians need to change up your accent a wee bit so we can learn to love it.

  • i voted B but I'm British so probably doesn't count!

  • I am British, and out of 11 guys I have been involved with (I am 31) - only two were British. The British guys were the ones who were clearly just in it for the sex -- but I am only dealing with a small sample. So from personal experience, British men (even when they are in their 30s) seem to be more immature and commitment phobic than other nationalities.

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