Girls, tattooed ladies?

I see a bunch of girls who on their off work days look like this or students who look like this.
Do you tattated up ladies go for/are attracted to men who are not as stylish and have no tatts ( ME ) lol
Girls, tattooed ladies?

I do have both my ears pierced. that's about it


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  • I'm not tattooed like the woman in the pic, only have 3 all over and honestly I couldn't care less if a guy is tattooed or not (unless they have those yakuza-style tattoos - that would be exciting ^^)

    • how big are your tats. and do you have the rocker style, like shaved one side, colored hair with many layers.

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    • sounds pretty hot to me. lol thanks for your opinion.

    • You're welcome lol

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