How to block a Kik group?

Someone added me into a group chat on Kik where if u try to leave they allways add u back. They call it Zoodle jail. And its really annoying me. So how do I block it or permanently leave?
How to block a Kik group ?

I need a permanent way to leave a group. Blocking doesn't work, leaving doesn't work. I need to concentrate for studying for end of year tests


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  • I don't think you can. The only way you would be able to would be to block Zoodle Jail fully like if you were to block anyone else on Kik but you can't just block them from a group conversation you have to block that person/member.

    • If you don't know how to you simply... Do you see those dots in the picture you posted in the upper right hand corner?

      Well you click on that and it'll give you options of report, block, or stop chatting and you just need to press block.

    • If u block the person he can still add

    • They can send you messages but you won't receive them unless you unblock them.

      I don't think he van still add you (s) he shouldn't be able to but if they can report it to Kik.

  • Click leave group.❤✌


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