Can't decide if I should go to the party or just stay at home?

Im having a dilemma as usual, and i can't figure our if i should do it or not.

So basically there is this Halloween party at this bar/event place/consert place or whatever you want to call it where i work as a volunteer, and apparantly its going to be really fun.

Anyway, here is my dilemma:

reasons Not to go:
- im actually working that night, but have to ask someone to take my shift.
- I have to buy booze
- Im nto super close to anyone there so im affraid i'll feel alone, even if i know several of those people
- Pay for bus home

reasons to go:
- Get a break from work and all the school work
- I'll be social, and i get the chance to get to know these people better
- got invited to a pre-party/party ( i rarely do get invited)

I was also considering doing it 50/50 by going to the pre-party/party, but only stay until 12 or something and then dont drink that much. I can't decide..

So any advide or anything? i just really want close friends, but i have a hard time getting them


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  • Dude you're young, go to the party. What happens if you miss work? Nothing? Is the job you're at going to matter in 5 years?

    Bring a friend to the party so you have a buddy in the social gathering. When i was young, i'd go to raves and get dropped off straight to work afterwards.
    - looking back? Heck yea i'm glad i did it, life is awesome --> Sauce at that age.

    Just don't make the life long mistakes (dui, preggo, STDS).

    • i know i know! the only problem is that the friends i have managed to make dont like to go out, and the one friend i do have that actually likes to go out has to work that day too + we aren't that close.. So i have to go on my own! but thanks, i should leanr to loosen up a bit more.. i still have problems enjoying my youth

    • " i still have problems enjoying my youth "

      - yea man, get it all out now... i had a friend who did nothing from the age of 19-24 and when her relationship ended... she partied like i did when i was 19... Not saying go out and make life long mistakes but.. yea... call in sick and go party!

      Although since you're going solo.. drink moderately.. still need to make it home safely.

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  • nothing wrong with netflixing at home, you could invite some of your friends to join you (after work, that is), or go to the party and make new friends

    • well im not finished at work before 4-5 AM, so i won have any time lol And i want to go to the party to get closer to the people i already know or just find new people...

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  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained


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  • Just go to the party!

  • Sounds like you're not interested in going to it. So I'd rather just go to work, earn a little bit cash and then go home, watch a movie with ice-cream

    • i do wanna go because i want to do something else then sitting at home and not socializing.. but i get that it didn't come across that way in my orinal question. And i work as a volunteer there so i dont earn anything, i haven't even sign the contract yet---