What class of Jedi/Sith would you be?

1. Jedi Sentinel-Yellow Lightsaber
What class of Jedi/Sith would you be?
Seeks to bring balance between the other classes-Can become Jedi investigator, Jedi Recruiter, Jedi Shadow or Jedi Watchman.

2. Jedi Guardian- Blue Lightsaber
The best of the Jedi warriors, their talents lie in battle-Can become Exotic weapons specialist, Lightsaber instructors, Jedi ace, and Jedi Peacekeepers.
Luc Skywaker, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Juhani all are or were Jedi Guardians.

3. Jedi Consular-Green Lightsaber
Has the strongest force powers of all the Jedi order. More diplomatic when dealing with enemies they only draw their weapons as a last resort, although some of the best lightsaber duelist ever were Consulars-Can become Jedi Ambassador, Jedi Artisan, Jedi Diplomat, Jedi Healer, Jedi lorekeeper, Jedi Seer.
Yoda was a Jedi Consular

4. Sith Marauder-Most Sith use red lightsabers
"Is it battle that stirs you, to meet an enemy blade upon blade? Such is the way of the greatest of the Sith Marauders, who seek strength in war... and in rage."
Duel Bladed counterparts of the Jedi Sentinels

5. Sith Warriors

An unstoppable Sith killing machine, Never **** with a Sith Warrior!

6. Sith Inquisitor

Experts in the cut throat sith political scene, Also the very strongest in their mastery of the darkside force powers.

Masters of the force choke, chain lightning and mind domination powers :)

Whew, had to look some of this up.

May the force be with you.

  • Jedi Sentinel
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  • Jedi Guardian
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  • Jedi Consular
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  • Sith Marauder
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  • Sith Warrior
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  • Sith Inquisitor
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  • Guardian like Eoth Koth.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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    • Same here, space samurais who use magic and lightsabers :)

    • hahaha nice, it's cool to see someone knows of him here and it's not just me who knows all the obscure Jedi. Perhaps I'll have to pick up his action figure someday :)

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  • I chose Jedi Sentinel. I like the balance between casting Force powers and being able to do battle with my lightsaber. It was a hard choice though!

    PS - I love the KOTOR series, great fun and I'm glad someone brought it up here :)

  • Sith of some kind. Jedi's are emotionless robots.. ^.^

  • Consular.. just because my favorite color is green. Sigh, I don't think they'll let me in if that is my only motivation :(

  • I really want them beastly force powers from the Jedi Consular but the skills the Guardian's got are too epic.

  • I'm a total consular. Always dedicated to peace and justice.

  • i would be prinses leia

  • I would definitely be a Sith, I can feel the power off the Darkside, the hatred is flowing through me!

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