How tall is 71 inches in feet?

I looked online but answers were telling me different heights. I'm trying to know exactly how tall I am

I've got my answer.. fuck anyone who thinks I'm stupid cause I'm not.. I know in feet what twelve inches but 71 inches and yes I was asking because i was lazy and wanted clarification
*I know in a foot there are 12 inches.. 71 is more than 12


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  • You really couldn't look up a converter or just done basic math? Is this shit really that difficult? 5'11

    • I did look up a different online converters and it was giving me a height that I knew for sure couldn't be... and no its not that difficult I didn't want to do the math I knew someone out here knows it already so I wanted to spare the time. Why answer my question with an added negative comment and question. I'm not retarded thank you.

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    • And by basically talking to a brick, I mean talking to someone about something that should've ended 3 posts in... Anyways, bye Felicia ✌️

    • Lol same to you.. and my name isn't Felicia (I know about the saying) so you're not talking to me.. Farwell once again 👋👏

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  • GOOGLE 71/12

  • Just under 6 feet tall so 5'11

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