Am I spoiled or depressed?

I am a 16 year old with a loving family. They give me more than I need and provide me with anything. They give me all their time and the best quality of life.
But why am I depressed?
I have been through a lot, in my opinion. Lots of moving, eating disorder (myself and family member), self harm, heartbreak, sexual harassment, cyber bullying, suicide attempt, health problems, family problems,..
My parents can be strict and very judgmental. Whenever I try to express my sadness, they tell me that I'm spoiled. Whenever I express lack of love or being sad because of a loss of anything, they tell me they made a mistake of raising me as a spoiled child.

They do not know about my self harm, depression, and suicidal thoughts. (please do not report be for mentioning suicide) I am beginning to think that the 4 years of depression and suicide idealization that led to an attempt no one knows about - is all an act of a spoiled brat. I am afraid to tell my parents since they will say that I am spoiled, like they always do - which is probably true.

Please feel free to tell me your opinion.


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  • You seem very unhappy. You need to talk to someone


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  • You have depression.
    You need to see your doctor or your school therapist (but if you do this do not mention suicidal thoughts)

    You need to speak to a doctor really but without your parents knowledge. In this country 16 is old enough. But I think you should speak to them and go through everything. Be clear on ages and consent before you reveal anything.

    I did nothing at your age. I've seen therapists for the past 10 years and been on anti depressants for 3 years.

    • I wouldn't have access to a doctor without my parents knowing. I am not allowed to go anywhere without telling my parents where I am. I don't want to tell my school staff anything since they can make me drop my classes or something. I remember they told me if they find out I am harming myself or anything they have to tell my parents

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    • I'm glad you had help when you were around my age. I've tried to find free therapists online but there were none. suicide hotline is useless and express to emotions towards me whatsoever. Thank you so much for your offer but i don't think anything can help me. i'm not even diagnosed with anything, and it's probably not even bad. my attempt probably doesn't even count since i didn't even have to go to the hospital. thanks for your help

    • Lol. I wasn't diagnosed for years. I was only diagnosed 3 years ago and that was after I was sexually abused.

      I may come across as uncaring but I'm actually quite understanding. Life sucks. I used to cut myself when I was 13. I smashed hard objects into my face to cause pain. I used to starve myself. I used to steal alcohol and every Friday night get drunk in my room. I used to hide from my abusive mother.

      Just because I have a tough exterior doesn't mean I don't get it.

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  • You have depression, and you need to seek out professional help. It's not called being spoiled; it's a mental illness. You cannot fight this alone.

    • i honestly think i am spoiled though, i have no reason to be sad,.. i have both parents and a sister and we all have our family problems but everyone has them. i have good clothes, electronics, literally anything a teenager would need, but i end up hating my life and wanting to take my life.

    • My best friend and my boyfriend are the same way; they have no reason to be sad. However, it is a mental illness. Give me a day to ask them what they think depression is for them and to provide an example. I'll come back with their response for you.

  • I would be unhappy too. Do you want someone to talk to?