What are some surprising things about your personality?

What are some surprising things about your personality?
What are some surprising things about your personality?
On the Myers–Briggs test, I usually score around the intj & infp region. That makes sense, so nothing was too surprising on that. But on the big 5 test, I've taken it multiple times, and every single time, I scored high in conscientiousness. Which was very surprising to hear for the first time. 🤔 Because hearing about the habits of people high in conscientiousness is what made me think that I was low in it.

But I'm an odd one when it comes to this & I think I know why. Two things stand out to me the most. It's my high percentage of negative emotion (specifically anxiety) and my high percentage of introversion. If I wasn't high in neuroticism and so low in extraversion, I'd likely be more confident in my abilities and I'd likely have a more go-getter/productivity-driven aim towards the world. But since I don't, it affects my motivations & willpower.

So, in other words, I'm the civilized, competitive, & somewhat creative yet practical shy guy that isn't very people-oriented. I mainly prefer to be alone which limits my options. And my house is always organized even when I'm depressed (can't say the same for my room/office). 😂 I'll probably even have a workout schedule going or be intensely working on some creative endeavor. And even though I don't willingly ask for change, I'm moderately open to new experiences, so it's easier for me to cope with the changes if need be.

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I have something very surprising!
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I refuse! Also, why are you typing out paragraphs like we're actually interested in what you have to say? Matter of fact, I hope the Rosemary plant that's peacefully resting on your front porch withers and dies!
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Also, I don't mean that you have to post your personality type. You can say something surprising you learned about your personality traits. Like for instance, I didn't know I was as competitive as I am. I used to be very agreeable when I was younger, but I guess something changed. I think it was around the time when I was questioning my religious beliefs. I had to get rid of old conceptual structures which caused me to lose trust in things and become more skeptical. So that was surprising for me
What are some surprising things about your personality?
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