Why is it that only older women seem to check me out or occasionally strike up a chat?

I'm 22 and have zero luck with girls my age lol but when I go out to bars and stuff I seem to catch a fair bit of older and sometimes very attractive women looking my way! Every once in a great while one will come up and make small talk or joke with me a little just for a laugh, just to be friendly. Either way I like how older women are so much nicer :)


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  • They are just wondering if you're old enough to drink. And they see a new face in their bar, if they are a 'regular' they will check you out even if they're not personally interested. Maybe they have a daughter they'd like to set you up with. Don't think for a minute, unless they're totally plastered, that theyhave any interest in you as a hook-up.

    • Nah it isn't really that, I just find them repeatedly looking and I wonder why since girls my own don't seem to notice me at all.

    • REgulars in a bar make it their business to be friendly to newcomers. For one thing, they're bored with the same old faces--in most bars, it's the same few people as regulars for many years.

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  • Maybe girls your age are less daring, to go up to you and initiate a conversation? Whereas, older women are more confident doing so... Therefore, if what you want is not approaching you, then YOU approach them, or else it's not gonna happen.

    • Thomas the Tank Engine is the sh*t!

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    • And I'm just proving my point that there's a perfectly good pair of balls here for a lucky lady if she doesn't mind thinning hair! lol I can't help it! xD

      But seriously no offense taken! :) :)

    • Hahaha XD

  • Funny how younger women (aka, the ones in your age bracket) are more cowardly! :-P

    • I think that's what it is too ;) but they don't seem to be cowardly around frat boys, which I don't understand! lol

      Those kind of guys freak me out let me tell you lol.

  • How much older? Perhaps you should try hooking up with one of the older women. Perhaps your to mature for the girls your age. You may have more in common/more fun with the older ones

    • About 5-10 years older.

    • hmmm, well I guess 5 years isn't SO bad if they don't look too much older than you. You should give them a chance. Over 4-5 years is too old in my opinion though

  • So what's your question? Yes, you have our permission - go with the cougars and enjoy yourself.

  • dont you remember learning that women in their sexual prime are 30s-40s and men 18-30s?

    • weird because men can make kids in 50s women are better suited in 20s 30s.

    • 30s is the beginning of their prime. its hormones. sure guys can make kids till they are old but their prime is early 20s

  • i don't know, find that to be weird

  • Embrace the cougar.

  • They have to be nicer. Its called their biological clock.

    Women have an expiration date, unlike men. Sometimes it only takes 10 years from 20 years old and on.

    I give you the following examples.

    1. Britney spears

    2. Lindsey lohan

    3. Jessica simpson.

    I rest my case.

    • I feel like once you were getting to the good part of your answer, it ended! D:

      Why do you think they'd be nice towards a younger guy though?

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    • " for example cannot find a young guy attractive at all regardless of looks, older men are so much more stimulating. And Viagra really?"

      Like I said, younger women go for older men.

      The reason why you will SEE older women with older men is because that's all they could get.

      Its called "settling".

    • When you hit the ripe old age of "carrying cats around with you in your purse" you will ALSO be seen with older men?

      Not because you like them, but because younger men won't give you the time of day.

      Not as far as a relationship goes.

      Sure they will have sex with you, but that's not what you want.

      So you'll "settle" for older men, or men your own age.

      All the while SWEARING up and down that you like older men, but secretly masturbate about them and have fantasies in the tub about your "youth."

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