What should I do, tell him or just leave it as it is because walking away isn't an option?

Almost a year ago I befriend a married man shortly after it turned into an affair. I know that this was wrong on both of our behalfs but at the time it started I was trying to get over someone and didn't want to fall in love with anyone and at the time I knew that an affair with a happily married man wouldn’t go anywhere. I am far from a stupid woman I know he will never leave his wife and he knows I would never ask him too. The problem is I feel as if I am growing emotional attached to this man. A conversation came up the other evening about why we liked having sex with each other and we both admitted there was more than just sex involved. We just didn’t make it clear what the other reasons are because I said I wouldn’t say. As for the affair to start with it was just casual conversations about when we could meet up with no one knowing. Guidelines where set up early no texting when he was at home or when I was with a guy friend, always use safe sex with anyone else no calling or texting when he was having family time. He wasn’t to come near my house. However lately none of that matters normally it’s a given I can’t talk to him after he gets off work because he has to go home but the other night he stayed out late he was actually 2 hours late getting home because of this. He has been asking a lot of questions about who else I am seeing. We talk about future planes, not future planes together but about where our life is going. He is ready for retirement in a few years and I am finishing up with college and looking forward to entering into a very rewarding career field. ? Also the other night he said I shouldn't be having sex with anyone else and I made the comment if he gave it up more often I would happily not be with anyone else He has a very busy job? he made the comment buy a toy. LOL He has been picking me up and dropping me off at my house. Up until the other day we had never kissed not because we talked about it and decided we didn't want to kiss because it was emotional We just never did I normally don't kiss anyone. But the other day I went to kiss him and stopped myself but he kissed me in return.

I know now I am emotionally attached, and don’t want to break it off for any reason but I don't know if I should tell him this or just leave it as it is. I mean I am sure that it is clear I am starting to care, before I hardly text him at all and now that’s all I do. Even on weekends, maybe once or twice and he don't mind. He has said stuff about things I have posted on my Facebook does this mean he looks to see what I post? Sometimes not all the time he will text me when he wakes up and sometimes he don’t text at all until he goes into work. This is perfectly fine with me. I don’t want to change anything between us but should I tell him how I am feeling or should I try to withdraw myself some?

I mean personally I feel that he feels the same way, am I wrong for thinking this?
What should I do, tell him or just leave it as it is because walking away isn't an option?
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