Traits of a High Value Man vs. a High Value Woman... what to look for and how to handle one when you find one. As you look at the two lists of what makes a high value woman and man individually, they look pretty similar, but as you start comparing the two lists against each...
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How Accusations of Jealousy Mask Relationship Manipulation

In a relationship, open and honest communication is so important, as well as being able to trust each other. Some people though resort to manipulation tactics to control their partners. One such tactic involves leveraging...
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Is Joe Biden really going to run again or is there some other plan?

Old Joe. Here's how I see it. Over the summer, both Left and Right media have been discussing Joe Biden's prospects. They all largely agree that Biden is not a viable presidential candidate in 2024, due to his immense...
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Living Under A Dictatorship In 2023

If someone of the government caught me now, just because of the MyTake: I would be accused of terrorism. The crisis in the country is getting deeper. Unemployment is unbelievable high. I wish I could just migrate and work...
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What do you think about this saying?

First, they Came. First, they came for the communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist. Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for...
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Why Crystal Pepsi was not the "clear" choice

The year is 1993, and You're at home watching Superbowl 27 between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Suddenly Right Now by Van Halen comes on, and you see an ad for a new Pepsi product. What is this new concoction? It...
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How women understand love

It's foolish to simp. That's understood by most people. So why do guys simp? Why do feminine guys tend to simp more than masculine guys? The first reason is that masculine men don't need to simp. But then again, masculine...
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King of the Hill is the best animated sitcom in history

An animated sitcom as American as apple pie and Texas. King of The Hill debuted in 1997 off the heels of creator Mike Judge's other show, "Beavis and Butt-Head," which was canceled by MTV. Mike Judge used much influence...
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How Would I Change the US Government

Here is a place to start: 01 Term Limits House and Senate – two terms and out. Current members with two terms are ineligible to run again. 02 The Seventeenth Amendment, specifying popular election of Senators is...
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How to be the BEST HUSBAND and BEST WIFE.

This is a short MyTake prompted by a Short video on YouTube. How to Be the Best Husband Pamper her. Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Bring her flowers ... and chocolates. Buy her jewelry. Tell her...
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Men, Stoicism, and Life's Battles: The Strength of Silent Resilience.

We're in an era where the prevailing sentiment encourages us men to share our feelings, under the pretext that it makes us feel liberated and understood. But here's the damn truth: men are expected to maintain a level of...
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When the nights are less warm than historical average of nights, explaining how.

when we look at the daily fluctuating temperature, we see the days are consistently hotter than night and equally nights are consistently cooler than day. simply d>n therefore n<d. we can predict that the sun adds...
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Another myth about life that needs to stop being perpetuated: It’s never too late.

“It’s never too late” is a myth being perpetuated by people all across the internet and television. This couldn’t be more inaccurate. Sure, there’s plenty of instances in which it’s never too late. But in a lot of...
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King Trump—America 1st

In my vision of an ideal government, it's all about finding natural leaders who can compete in specific contests—designed to test competency and supremacy in various skillsets—to become king. The king would never make...
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Hope is a dangerous thing. Realism is not.

A lot of us like to hope for better days and better outcomes, but they aren't coming. Try to "manifest" better luck for all aspects of life. Whether it's finding a job, a nice house in a good area for sale, a great...
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Some questions for climate cultists.

The Global Warming narrative has found its way into all elements of society. The propaganda is everywhere. If whatever malaise they are talking about, is not due to racism (or some other "ism"), it is due to man-caused...
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More Biden HARM

The biden-dnc administration, with its increased debt burden and increasing, is continuing its "dnc legacy", same as "flawless protected minority" obama dnc, of outrageous spending to the point of , yet AGAIN, ruining u.s...
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Here are the signs that people don't respect you.

1) Constant questions about your personal life. When people are constantly nosing around your personal business and personal life, it means they don't respect the life choices you've made. You tell them and then they...
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5 Tests That Women Use On Men, That Men Should Stop Tolerating While Dating.

These are what i refer to as shit tests. It shows an extreme lack of maturity and honestly are strong indicators or what the future will be with this person, and strong indicators of mental disorders like BPD and NPD, as...
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My hatred for debt collectors and all who side with them

"Grrrrrrrr I hate this, I hate that!", the word hate is thrown around loosely whenever someone refers to a person, place or thing that he or she is not fond of. But most of the times, it is not legitimate hate what they...
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