Why do I constantly attract controlling men?

I am 23 and in the past year I dated two men who were both in their mid 30s and controlling.

The last one was my boyfriend and I just broke it off with him.

The one who was my boyfriend... he was divorced, and it was recent. It seemed he had a lot of resentment and hard feelings about the divorce even though he denied it and said he's ready to move forward. He ended up acting very controlling and disrespectful in the end-even though at first he seemed sweet.

I like to think the reason he was a jerk is because he is not over his divorce and harbors a lot of emotional baggage-not that he was always an awful person.

But, either way... it freaks me out, hurts me, and scares me that I have dated several controlling and emotionally abusive men.

With my boyfriend I ran away from the situation fast-but I truly thought he was normal at first. It scares me that I've been in this situation multiple times.

Is there something wrong with me?

I have a sweet, easygoing nature and people always say I am comforting and nurturing and kind. However it's not like I pursued my boyfriend or let him walk all over me. When he was disrespectful I called him out and then he didn't change after a few weeks so I dumped him. I am sure he was shocked.

But it still makes me feel bad.

Help? Am I just better off dating younger men?
Why do I constantly attract controlling men?
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