My boyfriend hardly talks to me?

We have been together just over a year, he's 22 and I'm 26, we moved in together last month and yeah I spose since then its been a big hit in the communication department. He'll get back from work and go on his xbox and chat with his mates on xbox live. We used to see each other on weekends only and them 2 days spent together were just us, no technology coming between the things we did together, but now, even on weekends he prefers to just sit on his xbox chatting away with his mates and I dont get any time to talk to him. He might mutter a few things to me before he retires to bed and I will spill out all the things I have wanted to say but by this time he is way to tired he is hardly listening and dozing off to sleep, and yeah, thats right, no energy for any sex either, thats very lacklustre, once a week if I'm lucky. And its me that wants it more.

He says he loves me and he wants to send his life with me and all that stuff, we are serious about each other but I just feel like the communication end of things is so poor I find it abnormal and like this is not something thats headed for long term... or is this normal?

Maybe I should just keep away from him, give him more space and he will want more to do with me then? I dont know I am so confused, I do kinda like love affection and attention and to communicate but he just never seems that bothered, I find it hard to believe he loves me anymore :(

please help.
My boyfriend hardly talks to me?
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