Guys, why is making love so important to you?

, i heared lots of times that making love is kind of essential to you in ordee to really FEEL love but how does this come? why?
because when I fall in love with a guy its not because i made love with him but because i fell for his personality, his appearance and just for him as a person. sure making love would add upon this i guess but why do you guys think so differently about this? i mean you can also have intimate moments without having to make love...

and the thing is my boyfriend said that for him making love is the first step to feel love and no i know he's not just after sex but what if he will never feel the same towards me like i feel towards him? i mean we made love yesterday ans when i asked him how he's feeling now compared to when we didn't make love he just said "i feel that you trust me which is a nice feeling."
so i'm a bit disappointed to be honest
Guys, why is making love so important to you?
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