Anybody remember the "Morgan Nick" case?


Anybody remember the

I live in Arkansas and 2 hours from her town. The case is being brought back to the spotlight. I was a little girl when I first heard about this. Till this day he don't make sense. I don't understand if you say you can see your daughter and her friends playing, you didn't see that man she was talking to either? You heard no screams no nothing. It was crowded outside and plenty of parents was outside also. 20 years later somebody knows this man. Her friends came back and told her she was talking to a strange man. I don't know how can you go from "I could see my daughter she was only 50 yards away" to a man talking to her, and then she dissappeared. even the adults seen this strange man. 20 years later after no body evidence or bones being found I don't know what to think. They did an age profession photo on her.
Anybody remember the "Morgan Nick" case?
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