Why are Capricorns the worst zodiac?

Reasons why they are the worst:

1. They are double standard, “do as I say, not as I do” That means they are allowed to flirt around, but you have to stay loyal to them. That means you have to always be on time, even if he’s running late. That means you have to be polite and well mannered, while he is rudely critical and lacks social grace.
There is a mask of their true selves. They appear “classy,” like they have a lot of “money” and are suited up to look that way… but don’t be fooled as their personality will show through. They just want to be envied/admired, even if in return they will treat you like shit. They prove to be time wasting, immature assholes. Be warned.

2. They are users and abusers. They ask you (or just about anyone) for money and if you don’t give them it, they manipulate you into thinking you’re a horrible person for not doing so… throwing a pity party their way which brings me onto the next point…

3. They are “woe is me, the whole world is against me” people. They rarely take responsibility for their own mistakes, instead telling others what they “should do”, how they “should be” with pearls of wisdom they themselves don't live up to, and blaming others for all the things that go wrong in their lives.

4. They are prone to cheat and lie about everything. They lie to protect their public image… So if you’re having a fight with them in public, the will switch it around and make it out like you’re the bad guy in the whole situation…& they are known to be in a relationship but prove to be unfaithful taking up other affairs

5. They are “born and bred to be loyal” to where they come from, and expect you to be up to date with politics even if they themselves lack the education. They believe they know best and have really shallow views like saying things like “Get out of our country” to the refugees without having full insight into the topic... which makes them look dumb yet apparently they claim to be "classy"
Good joke, Capricorn. Another one of your dead pan humour. Asshole.

6. They like to be in control of everything. When I say everything that includes you. Yes they are control freaks who although are inhibited in their feelings, like to control the emotions of everyone in the room.

Basically, I hate them all until they learn to grow the fk up.
Why are Capricorns the worst zodiac?
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