My ex boyfriend said he's never loved me, I won't believe it's truly over?

My ex and I have been seeing each other for two years. He has a depression, his mom has terminal cancer, he went through emotionnal and physical abuse in his childhood a. He had a lot of problems, but was the most carring and loving guy I have ever met. We supported each other, always. All though we are young, we planned moving in together, getting married and having kids. He made me fall in love like i didn't know I could and he made me believe in soul mates. The feelings seemed very mutual and he showed me his love.

Now, back in December, he got a new job working full time, and in January he went back to school. We started talking less and less and seeing each other barely. Something seemed off , but when i'd ask him he'd tell me that he's just very busy (which is true) and going through a lot with his mom (also true) and that was understandable. Last Sunday, he was finally supposed to come over after weeks of us not seeing each other. To my surprise, he broke up with me on Saturday. It was the biggest shock in my life. He told me that he's going through too much and that he's too depressed and suicidal to commit to a serious relationship. I thought he wanted to take a break, said I understand.
He wants to break up. He said he's been thinking a lot and realised that he can't love because of all the abuse he faced. He said that he's never loved me and he fooled himself and me, he's not truly made for relationships. His words cut me like knifes. He said we should remain friends but he does not want a serious relationship.

I keep thinking that when things got too hard with his mom, he became scared of how close we were and being attached scared him, because he's not used to people being there for him when he needs help, he's used to rejection. I just can't accept that it's over and i can't believe that he's never loved me than more than a friend. I keep thinking that he'll get therapy and love himself and then well go back together.

help, what do u think?
My ex boyfriend said he's never loved me, I won't believe it's truly over?
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