My dad caught me having sex with my boyfriend and I dont know what to do I'm 19 and his 21 (almost 22)?

My boyfriend came to see me at my house but we where outside but my older brother left so i let him pass inside we stared to make out and well i told him that it had to be quick because someone could come. I'm without pants and he has a little of this pants down too and well like 5 minutes pass and i hear my dogs steps (my dog was outside that means someone let her in) and my dad opens the door and just screamed this must be a joke. My boyfriend just left and my father went after him screaming get out i dont want to see you ever again, my father came to my room and said he couldnt believe this and i have to break up with him and that it was just going to be between us. My boyfriend called me crying and told me that he was sorry that he loves me and told me not to break up with him he had plans for us and he wants to apologize to my father. I called my best friend and my dad came into my room and told me that i can't see her anymore. The next day dad tried to talk to me but i didn't say a word, he said what was wrong with me and why i did that, the only thing i said that there wasn't penetration and he hoped so coz if i get pregant he would forget i was a lady and beat me up. he can't look at my mom because of what happened and stared to cry, i can't get out of my house and that he was going to be checking on me. i have to delete all my social medias and at 10 my phone must be at my parents room. he wanted me to promise that a was going to breakeup with my boyfriend and that he would thrust my word;but i can't, i told my dad i'm still a virgin but im not (my boyfriend was my first time i think that why it hard for me to say goodbye). It's really weird the relationship with my dad we can't look at eachother but he acts like if nothing happened in front of my brother and mom but he doesn't even look at me. I'm really sad and ashamed of what i've done i just want my fathers' thrust again, i think my dad and i need help because we are traumatized and with bad memories of that day. What should i do.
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Well if my dad acted like this my mom will be worse, thats the reason why my dad won't tell her. My mom never like my boyfriend because he doesn't have a lot of money and works as a waiter... actually my mom found a stupid reason once and at the mall screamed at me and broke up with my boyfriend. My boyfriend called me later that day and told me that no matter what he wasn't going to leave me. I don't think i can't talk to my mom about this, my dad is even afraid of my mom
My dad caught me having sex with my boyfriend and I dont know what to do I'm 19 and his 21 (almost 22)?
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