Boyfriend told his friends I was a virgin and said it was a turnoff?

So my boyfriend was my first, when I told him about it he got quite nervous and went limp so we ended up talking about it instead. Then a week later we did it, afterwards he said he was honoured to be my first and that he really liked it because it felt like it meant so much more. A few weeks after he told me he still couldn't believe I hadn't had sex before because of how I look and that I apparently was good at it and etc. I asked him if he had told anyone of his friends that I had been a virgin before him and he said no because he didn't feel like it was anyone else's business.

Now, nearly two years later he let it slip that he had told several of his friends. Eight of them to be precise. It bugs me big time that he lied and then went around and told that many of his friends. He actually discussed it with one of them who said he thinks it's a turnoff when a girl is a virgin. You know what my boyfriend answered?
"Haha, yeah! When A and I were about to have sex for the first time and she told me that she was a virgin it quickly went from hard to limp haha!"

I'm really hurt about this because I feel like it was all a lie, he obviously has lied to me several times. I feel like he doesn't respect me and that I'm a turnoff to him as well.

Any thoughts on this? I'm in need of some advice.
Boyfriend told his friends I was a virgin and said it was a turnoff?
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