My boyfriend cheated on his ex...will he cheat on me?

So, when I met my boyfriend I knew that he was definitely a flawed human being.

One of our first problems was, he lied about his age by a few years younger than he was and didn't come clean til after we'd been dating over 6 months.

Now when I met him, I knew he fucked up in the past.. but he got involved in all these programs that he said changed him and helped him grow into a decent man, which is what he's always said he wants to be.

One of his big mistakes was cheating on his ex. She was his fiancée, they lived together, he was madly in love with her.. but she had problems and did things that hurt him.. and he ended up cheating on her, which ended their relationship.

Now it's been a few years between he and I and things seem to be slowly moving forward.. but I realize I don't trust him. And I can't hide it.

Do you believe that a cheater can really change? Or is that an impulse that's too strong for most guys to resist? I wanna believe he's being faithful.. but a big part of me is scared that one day he'll leave me for someone else and I won't even know it :(

Should I end the relationship or would that be self sabotage? Also, I have discussed this with him and he's always insisted there's no one else but me.
My boyfriend cheated on his ex...will he cheat on me?
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