What does it mean when a guy says you belong to him?

we aren't officially together or anything...but, he did tell me that he loved me a couple days ago. And, now he said I belong to him. I asked if he was gonna share me with the world and, he replied that I could look and interact with the world but, I just belong to him.

Does this mean he doesn't want me to see other people?

is it a claim?

would it be morally wrong to talk to other guys?

we aren't officially together so...I'm confused.


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  • well, you have to see it from our point of view. he sees you like him back, he just wants to protect you. or he's just trying to get you closer to him, primal instict you know, rawr


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  • yeah he wants to be exclusive. just make sure he treats you good and doesn't act like a jealous douche or anything. you should ask him what he means.