My girlfriend broke up with me, but still says she loves and cares for me?

How do I get her back? Well, here's the full story. She was my first girlfriend and love (we're both eighteen), and we first started talking on Facebook this summer after we found out we got into the same college. It didn't take long until we built a strong connection, and were either texting or talking online almost all day. She had several boyfriends before me, but it was not serious or long-term, and she said they were too 'self-centered.' We first met at the start of our fall freshman semester, and hit it off almost instantly with our first kiss taking a bit more than a week of dating. She was most attracted by my being sweet, and geekiness (she's kind of a geek too, but doesn't look the type). She was also attracted by my out of character sexual fantasies we shared online, but we never really had much of a physical relationship, other than making out several times and hugging/kissing whenever we saw one another. I really loved her from the start, still do, and probably always will. She was the first person other than my immediate family who accepted and understood me, and always made an effort in that regard. We were very supportive of each other, and pretty much hung out all the time during the first semester, and I always wanted to treat her like a princess. Often surprised her with flowers, and occasional jewelry. And always told her how I felt about us, of course I wanted her physically, but I was very interested in the emotional connection. How the relationship progressed is quite a long story, but I can provide more detail if someone asks.

After a while it seemed like she was becoming overwhelmed at how far I was going emotionally, and some of my talk about the future. She always enjoyed the special things I had to tell her, especially things that I learned and appreciated about her, during our distance relationship, which I always meant from the heart. But after a while when we were together she asked me to slow down a bit - I tried my best, but ultimately my greatest mistake was that I still went overkill without providing her with the space to reach her own conclusions on how she felt. She first told me she loved me in mid-October.

We are both also quite insular people, and what we enjoyed when we started our relationship was our ability to open up to one another. Unfortunately, my shy and somewhat passive nature precluded me in opening up as I had before about myself, as our relationship developed, and she didn't seem to share as much about herself either.

Anyway, we were away from each other for winter break for almost a month, and while we tried skyping as often as we could and I texted each day, the distance started to become evident on her end. I sent her very lengthy texts sometimes, and almost always got just a short response back, if anything at all. I should also mention that she is very close to her mom, whom I met twice, and she seemed to like me a lot. They pretty much hung out all the time during break...
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Continued on the enotalone breaking up --> getting back together forum. I'm not allowed to post the link, but it is near the top under username bostonian2011.
My girlfriend broke up with me, but still says she loves and cares for me?
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