Should I unblock a person who unblocked me?

Should I unblock a person who unblocked me?
A friend of this ex-friend messaged telling me this person unblocked me and would like for me to unblock them to make up.
I'd like to make up but I don't see much point in making up either, since a year or so has passed.
There's no grudge but I think it'd be awkward and uncomfortable to try to be friends again. Maybe just as acquaintances.
1 mo
Probably I'll tell this person that I'm not unblocking her and will probably block her too, too awkward to try to be friends again
1 mo
I'll let it stew for some days as I think on it but probably I won't unblock or try to be friends again.
Too much time has passed, it'd be awkward and embarrassing plus I'm not someone to be blocked/unblocked at will whenever she prefers.
I think the fact she unblocked me itself might be taken as an insult in itself and how this person thinks I'll be up at her beck and call like a dog. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I don't see many positive outcomes for what this person is doing.
1 mo
In the end I relayed to the friend that I wouldn't unblock her because I was too sick and tired to think or invest time in that. She relayed to me that she said she'd always available if I have some problems to talk about and to think on it.
Now I've checked her Facebook and discovered she re-blocked me and also blocked my fiancée.
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Another person who unblocks me and think we can be friends again.
What should I do to teach her a lesson?
Should I unblock a person who unblocked me?
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