Should you feel insecure around your significant other and their family?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few months. I’ve been a good girlfriend to him. I don’t do everything he expects from me. I’m still young, we aren’t married but I’m still not horrible to him. Whatever he ask from me I give or I’m there when he needs me. If he’s hungry and I’m not around I’ll order him food. If I know he’s been out late with his guy friends, though I don’t drive and he doesn’t have a car right now or isn’t working at the moment, which I don’t mind because I am, I always make sure he gets a Lyft or a Uber home. If he calls my phone at 2-3am telling me he can’t sleep, he has a problem sleeping alone, I’ll get up out my sleep and Lyft my way to him. I have even taken public transportation to his house a few times and I don’t live close to his home at all. I’m always staying the night at his house and I don’t complain about him never compromising and choosing to stay the night at my home some nights but it’s like whenever we have disagreements or arguments he’ll make comments about what I don’t do as his girlfriend despite what I have done and at first I wasn’t sure if he did that out of anger in the heat of the moment or if that was how he really Felt until one night while I was at his house his mom pulled me out of his room to “Talk” with me she mentioned how much he loves me and how he calls me his “wife” when I’m not around but supposedly he’s been telling her and the rest of his friends and family how he feels I don’t reciprocate that love. That I should start cleaning and cooking around his home, disregarding the fact that I don’t live there and I only come over because he wants me to and I know he’ll never stay the night at my house. Then she starts mentioning how he’s part Nigerian, which I knew already but she also says his dad is a rich Nigerian and that it’s plenty of women over there with money that would appreciate him so I should “Step it up” as if only his needs matter. I had never felt so insecure and uncomfortable in my life.
Should you feel insecure around your significant other and their family?
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