Could Chris and Shanann Watts marriage have been saved?

For those of you who already know the story, Chris Watts fell infatuated with another woman that provided as the driving force to him murdering his wife and 2 daughters.

Their marriage had its flaws beforehand, mostly dealing with Chris’ irresponsible parents’ behavior and how the two reacted to that.

Shanann was the leader in the relationship, initiating resolve and other daily problem solving. Chris would adhere to his wife on many things with the exception of dealing with his toxic parents, which is what lead to putting their children at risk (one daughter was allergic to treenuts and his parents let her have food with treenuts in it) and conflict in their marriage.

However, their marriage conflicts isn’t what resulted in the murders, allegedly. Chris admitted that if he hadn’t have met his mistress, he wouldn’t have killed his family.

But I wonder if he hadn’t had killed his family, what would the future of their marriage be like?
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For those of you who don’t know: This is in regards to the American Murder docu on Netflix.
Could Chris and Shanann Watts marriage have been saved?
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