My boyfriend won’t unfollow a girl on social media. Am I being unreasonable?

We’ve been together 4 years. He’s very outgoing and used to have a lot of female friends in high school. He and I met in college.

5 months after meeting him, he said that he wanted to meet with one of those friends for coffee because she was visiting from far away. He said that I was welcome to join, and I said okay. The plan fell through and he ended up not meeting with her.

A little after that, I saw that he was still liking sexy photos of his female high school friends on social media, like close up photos of their butts wearing thong bikinis, including that girl he was going to meet with.

I told him I saw he was liking those photos and he apologized and stopped, and said won’t do anything with these girls anymore because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.

So I trusted him, and now we’ve been together 4 years, hasn’t done it again, and now he’s talking about marriage. I sometimes think about what he did early on, and I feel insecure about how he’s still friends with these girls on social media, including that girl.

I asked if he can delete her considering what he did early on since we’re serious at this point. He got defensive and said he’ll mute her but won’t delete her because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings because they’re friends. He was mad saying I’m bringing up stuff in the past that doesn’t matter and to never bring it up again.

He’s also still friends with his exes which makes me super uncomfortable, but he’ll probably just get defensive if I ask his to unfollow them.

Am I being controlling? Or is my request reasonable? What should I do?
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by the way we were monogamous from the beginning and when I asked if he was talking to other girls, he said no.
My boyfriend won’t unfollow a girl on social media. Am I being unreasonable?
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