What makes a 'stud' or a 'ladies man' unable to maintain one long-term relationship?

It's kind of an unpopular opinion, but men who impress women a lot with their charms and looks and all that aren't all that impressive to me. Not that I think they are bad or anything, they know how to impress women and court them, date them, have sex with them and please them in bed, all that good stuff. But I can't help but think in my mind 'if you are so good with ladies why can't u like, just marry one woman and stay with her? Especially when many men who are rather mediocre are living happy lives with their wives and children at home?'

My ex boyfriend told me that he knew a man like that who was tall, handsome, ripped and all and women would flock towards him. And he's divorced, I couldn't help but think why is he divorced if he is that big of a deal and why can't he marry another woman then?

My ex himself was kind of (not entirely) like that. He knew how to make women feel better with words and in our nearly three years of relationship I've seen random women from his past come up to him especially when they needed his advice or comforting. On the other hand I always felt like he was extra harsh with me and even though I tried hard to accept that he does that because he takes me seriously, sometimes when I needed him to comfort me badly I still didn't get that and it made me even more depressed.

And dudes wonder why women rush towards the 'bad guys'. The difference between how the same guy treated other women vs his own girlfriend was astounding. It made me question my worth and competence many times.
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Just to clarify: Some men genuinely don't want a long-term relationship. I don't mean them, I mean ones who would like to and could marry.
What makes a 'stud' or a 'ladies man' unable to maintain one long-term relationship?
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