If I never get compliments in public, does that mean I'm ugly?

Before you vote. You need to understand. I was once highly attractive around age 7-14 I would go to places with my dad to pick up pizza and older hot females (college) would say "I love his eyes. How old is he? Bring him to me when he turns 18."
Seriously. I swear to God this a true story.
Anyway, what happened was my dad cheated on my mom and they divorced. My dad started using drugs and threw his life away. I became severely depressed in life. I loved my dad. I lost motivation. Girls stopped complimenting me once I became a freshmen in HS (I was depressed and girls could sense that). I basically was now ugly that quick. My glow was gone. I don't know if depression ruined my looks but something did. I used to be so attractive back then. I once got to experience what it was like being attractive. I was hit on by girls left and right. Complimented repeatedly by females everywhere. Girls would stare at me and then I'd stare back and she'd smile and I'd smile back while maintaining eye contact (flirting). This happened to me a lot back then.

Now, I am in my 20s and I realize the difference. I am no longer complimented not even by family members. I look at myself in the mirror and I see someone who is average but I am biased because that person is me. I am not fat and ugly. I have an average body type.
In conclusion, that's how you know as a guy if you are attractive because you will be complimented at high rates and flirted with. Am I wrong?
If I never get compliments in public, does that mean Im ugly?
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14 d
Guys, it was my haircut that took away appearance. I grew it out during depression emo phase. I'll see what happens after I cut my hair. I'll let you know after I see a Barber if I am still ugly.
If I never get compliments in public, does that mean I'm ugly?
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