Is there a way for a pre-op or non-op transgender girl to marry a very conservative man, preferably Muslim (not strictly) ?

Since I was a child, I dreamt myself in a very traditional relationship with a man that is highly conservative, protective, well established, dominant should I say, a bread winner and that loved having a submissive house wife, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen (obviously the latter can not apply to me being transgender, but that doesn't mean we can't adopt or that I can't mother a single dad's existing children, indeed, the one that raises you is the real parent), and pretty much a nineteenth century Europe dynamic in the marriage.

I tend to get very triggered if looked at, especially if stared at, especially by strangers, and especially by ones that look me in the eyes, it's like an invitation to kick their ass.

So, even having to wear a full body cover, such as a burka or niqab, not only would not bother me, I would probably enjoy the social barrier, especially if I'd only be in public when accompanied by male guardian, and not having to go in public that often at all, for that matter.

I expect receiving a lot of hate for this, as I was called "stupid", " depraved for supporting abuse of women for selfish interests" like I'm obliged to conform to male roles after going through all the trouble of transitioning and all to please some feminists, "gold digger" etc, which is why I won't allow anonymous answers and will delete from my view the ones that look like trolls.

So where and how do I find a man that is very dominant and protective and wants a very meek and submissive (even sexually) transgender house wife? I either encountered men that were very close to what I wanted, but they only wanted cisgender, or some that wanted transgender but we're not what I look for at all (quite frankly eunuchs/sissies in my opinion), flaky ones, immature boys (sometimes with deluded fantasies) or some men that were outright creepy.
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I see many people got too fixed on the religious aspect.

To clarify, I'm not looking for a Muslim specifically. Just for a similar dynamic. bn

For the man to be dominant, protective and to provide. Not expecting filthy rich, just financially secure, and not looking only for the finances.

Otherwise he can belong to pretty much any religion or be an atheist for all I care, but certain religious backgrounds at least attempt to make real men out of boys.
Is there a way for a pre-op or non-op transgender girl to marry a very conservative man, preferably Muslim (not strictly) ?
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