Which is worse?

My boyfriend (32M) of 10 mons recently left his email up on my laptop and naturally curiosity got the better of me (32F). Quick back story several months ago I discovered he still had a FB dating profile that he swore he "forgot" to delete
but deleted all his other ones. I'm the first serious girlfriend since his divorce several years ago when his wife cheated and left him. He has made several comments over the last few months that he doesn't want to get attached to anyone as in marriage again, but there are other times he tells me how much I mean to him and calls me his future wife. Okay back to the main reason we're here... While I was scrolling through his emails I learned he still had multiple dating sites and was still very active on them. I'm not proud of what I did next but I couldn't stop with just knowing he was on them, and I attempted to login to the sites to see what all was being said and done. In order to get in I had to change his passwords. I changed them and learned he had been doing it the entire 10 months we've been together. He is furious I changed his passwords and expects me to let go of the fact that he's been putting himself out there as single and talking to other girls. I also just discovered his tiktok where he uses #singletok on all his videos and is following over 1,300 girls on there. I don't know what to think atm. I feel we're both in the wrong but he thinks what I did is worse.
Which is worse?
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