If your partner called you “Bit**”, would you stay with them?

This question is for guys too. I know some guys who get super pissed if a girl or another guy called them that. I think its childish af and extremely insulting. You can call out my behavior more maturely than that. The B word is a dealbreaker for me in both friendships and relationships. I can honestly only recall referring to someone as that once in HS and that friendship ended. What she did to me was just as wrong but i shouldn't have went there. And i was also referred to as that by only one ex when he couldnt get something sexual out of me and well we did not last long after. So if you ever, ever call me out my name, you’re basically letting me know we have no future 🤷‍♀️ #FeelFreeToList
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Idgaf about the context. I dont like the word. And even if i didn't give power to the word, its the disrespect i won't tolerate. I’d tell “friends” they got one more time to call me out of my name no matter how friendly they mean it. And the guy just gets no chances. Call me that shit and we’re through
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I can't with these answers. Lets call it a day and agree to disagree. Cause ima continue to feel Some type of way and y'all gone comtinue to find it funny
If your partner called you “Bit**”, would you stay with them?
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