Did I do something bad by stop giving this girl attention?

So there is this girl from my HS that I met a while ago during a math project, even tho we had not even talked to eachother before this project we got along very well and instantly became good friends, she is a little shy and sometimes introvert so most of the time at school she would just stick around with me, so we were sepending a lot of time together.

So far so good but the thing is, I play volleyball at our school and she would always watch our training/matches (cute, I know) and wait for me so we could hang out after. After a particular match that we lost I was feeling very upset cuz I messed up 3 serves and I told her after that I was feeling like a worthless piece of crap, and she told me quote "You have so much value to me that you could never figure" probably in order to make me feel a Little better who knows.

Late that afternoon I asked her if she really meant what she said earlier, she said yes and that she really saw me as much more than a friend and "in love". I saw her as someone solid and I really trusted and liked her back. So I told her that I felt the same

Imediately after I said this she just... changed she started talking about random other stuff and after 5minutes she told me she had to go home. After this she did not text me or anything and didn't even answer me or my texts

Next day was quite normal but for some reason she avoided what happened before and so I gave her space, but she started to act super weird and started talking all the time about other guys she felt attracted to in order to make me jealous, she also started to treat me very bad overall (even tho she spendt 80% of the time by my side). This went on for 3 days, when I got tired of this and decided she had hurt me enough and I cut her out off and stopped talking to her. She texts me everyday asking for "forgiveness" and saying she "loves" me but I dont answer.
I am really afraid I am doing a mistake, I like her a lot but also don't want to be hurt, what should I do?
Did I do something bad by stop giving this girl attention?
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